Monday, October 26, 2015

The Wrath of the White Wraith

Been up to extraordinarily little. I wrote this rap a while ago with the intention of actually rapping it with all of my credibility, but alas, I honestly have no intention of doing so, it is quite the ordeal to organize the whole charade and I feel a tad too silly even thinking about doing it. I did try to keep it in the timber of traditional hardcore gangster rap this time, with a tasteful motif of superfluous violence.

The Wrath of the White Wraith (working title)

(excess punctuation is due to rhythm)
Im the law in when the world is lawless
Im not hippocratic; fuck due process
flawless marksman call me Adonis
i kill savages like this is Pocahontas

I don’t care,, where your headed
if your indebted; you get tested
i bust caps and you get leaded
your armor; it gets shredded
your mistakes,, are regretted
your lame crew, it gets vetted
incompetence gets bloodletted
this high cap it gets sweated
this dry fire,, it just abetted
your punk ass getting bayonetted
of course i stay fried and stay breaded
why i smile while you get beheaded

Fuck your bands, Fuck the 100 grand,
i’ll kill any man, murder on demand
offhand, unplanned, just a trivial errand
from four-hundred meters with my Garand

Cutthroat only after the profits of louses
I hunt the competition like they grouses
I fuck mothers, and lascivious spouses
I run a premier franchise of crack houses

 My squad ride or die like it’s the siege in Waco, Texas
Attempting to fuck with us is asking for pain in excess
Heinous and Dangerous like I’m Dennis the Menace
Called an extremist because I wield Dual Beretta’s
Instinct to use the Mozambique Drill, high on wetness
Don’t sweat the double team cause I’m ambidextrous
i’ll leave a whole city breathless, fluent in Death’s lexis
Maim you, give you (mersa) and let you die from the sepsis

No questions asked, I’m the at the death threat level of Boba Fett
i’m not after the corvette, i just live to antithesize those who beget
Never once said “April sixth, nineteen ninety-four; never forget”
As you listlessly kick it and get your dick wet on your private jet
Yet you only have mere moments before you join the null set
rogue squadron makes your gunmen look like conscripted cadets
You line up with the runway, damned to die from the vendette
I patiently smoke a cigarette, holding position behind the barbette

armed to a T, got a few RPGs, just to teach a lesson in humility
gentility intrinsically induced by the infallibility of my incivility
capriciously through equanimity displaying affinity for duplicity
impishly exploiting the synchronicity of cupidity and mortality
I pity the fools who cynically mimic the ubiquity of divinity
doubting the ability of any deity to act maliciously derisively
 to whimsically torment souls for eternity as an act of charity
forcing them to feel lividity towards the validity of their stupidity