Monday, November 23, 2015

Alas, Ye Wayward Squanderer

I am upset when i see a man beating a child to death with a baseball bat. I am upset that people say “He is not a bad person, he can’t control what he does and this absolves him of any guilt.”. I am upset when people say “Don’t call him a child murderer, this would offend him, be tolerant and call him a rough rider.” I am upset when people say “He worked hard to take that baseball bat from the gym program at a public school when he volunteered to help them for a few weeks, it is perfectly right that he is enjoying it as he pleases.”

I am not upset because the man is immoral, bad, or doing anything wrong. I am upset because the man stares me in the eyes and tells me “I found this scratch-off lottery ticket in good condition, and it has yet to be scratched off.” Still staring at me he tells me “Rather than scratch-off the ticket, I am going to light this lotto ticket on fire.”

I am upset because the man is indifferent to even scratching off this lotto ticket to see if perchance he may have won, even if it were just the money invested in the ticket being returned. I tell the man “I have no objection to the burning of scratch off lotto tickets, but to burn it before you scratch if off is unforgivable. Take every lotto ticket that loses and burn it, justly, as an effigy of it’s own failure; but be courteous enough to give the man some time to scratch off his god damn lotto ticket. to burn a winning ticket is burning an effigy of success, and to damn success is to damn one’s own infant soul upon birth, to cast whatever damnation a mortal man can usher unto the entirety of the earth. It is to cast this damnation unto all successors of progeny and progeny of said successors throughout the universe. This is the misery of burning an effigy of success.”

“Be wary; for Schrodinger will not save you here, as your effigy is undoubtedly an effigy of the possibility of success, regardless of the unknown status of success or failure, to damn the possibility is to damn opportunity, chance, and the success and winnings that are synonymous with these things. Damn the loss, damn every loss my boy, but be wary in casting damnation upon opportunity, for what one does unto others is done unto oneself, and there will undoubtedly come a time in the tale of the torment of your soul that you, my boy, are burned as an effigy of success, and such damnation is but more oil on the slippery slope of indefinite failure. This is the same oil your effigy casts unto your fate, ye wayward squanderer. ”

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