Monday, December 7, 2015

Gimme the Loot

In the grand scheme of things, who is really hurting the country more and causing more of the tax budget to be spent in an attempt to correct their actions that stifle the economy, hinder public services, and defeat capitalism?

The social liberals, whom i allege are terrorists, that drink more and more tax money every year in their quest for immortality. The social liberals burning tax money in an attempt to fuel their quest to attain an inapplicable skill set with little applicability throughout the world. The social liberals who’s healthcare costs more than it would to repair the hospital after a suicide bombing, as they may take a penny for this health care, but by no means will they ever leave a penny, perhaps  a nanogram of copper is returned, but by no means is this a penny. The social liberals who litter the streets protesting petty triflings, preventing economic affairs and public servants from performing their duties. The social liberals giving the abilities to make impactful gubernatorial decisions to indignant, ignorant, incredulous, short sighted, and delusional people who are nothing more than wage slaves, the modern day share croppers, allowing them to purport their fallacious ideas of reasonability and success through the clamoring of the mob of fools, antagonizing and verbally assailing any who do not give into their mob mentality. The social liberals who would argue “letting the flies eat the meat is the right thing to do, rather than the people, because the flies are greater in number than the people, and that makes them the political majority” .The social liberals who purport that hurting the feelings of an aspiring immigrant hurts more than being shot to death in a mass killing. The social liberals that feel that AIDS, drug addiction, self-induced illnesses, hereditable unhealthiness, communicable diseases, and other reproachable things should be integrated into the minds, bodies, and daily lives of the common people. The social liberals who attempt to rob common Americans of their own rights that are promised in the Bill of Rights, in an attempt to exacerbate the prominence of their masochistic cult of tolerance. Social Liberals that metaphorically attempt to put Steel I-beams on the back of a horse and expect it to carry them to the top of a mountain, justifying this by arguing that people would be upset if the horse does not accomplish these things, and thus it needs to be done.

Is it really these people, the social liberals, that are causing these problems? Or is it the social conservatives, like myself, that others allege are terrorists. Social conservatives that do nothing but offer to bite the shekel, and tell you the truth. Social Conservatives that do nothing but disagree with the mentalities expressed by the social liberals and attempt to offer alternatives in a calm, understandable manner. I am even so kind as to offer alternatives in a strict, cruel, and unrelenting tone of disbelief that rebukes the fallacies of those who defend an unsustainable problem exacerbating socioeconomic systems of this once great nation that are the proponents of this cult of masochistic tolerance that is the social liberal movement and their dream of a collapsed welfare state littered with it’s degeneracy as if it were nuclear fallout from an atomic bomb. Social conservatives that would approach something from a feasible angle, being open to any sort of criticism of any failures and shortcomings by choosing to defend things only via the standard of sustainable success known as the scientific method, rather than the bold shortsighted and baseless defense of opinions, feelings, and desires.

Who is truly breaking the back of the country and slowly water boarding Lady Liberty until she drowns? I ask, for i may not know the answer, but i can tell that Lady Liberty is fatigued and losing the will to live. I can tell you that the death of Lady Liberty is drawing closer as we speak. I cannot quite say why, but the torturers are playing “Gimme the Loot” by Biggie Smalls, being sure to yell the lyrics while subjecting her to more water boarding.

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