Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Immorality of Literacy

This essay is dedicated to those that attempt to rebuke the fact that literacy is immoral.

The number of times that people had to hose the slaves off of the streets was zero times. This was because nobody gave the slaves an inch to begin with. Sure, there were a handful of slave rebellions over a few hundred years, but these were not of the same nature as indignantly rally at the drop of a hat. Give anyone an inch and they will take an ell, this is true of any and all people.

Literacy instills indignance, entitlement, discontent, and malevolence where there should be none. Facts are facts, life’s a bitch and then you die; give me one good reason to sugar coat the shit that is forced down the people’s throats and I’ll show you a waste of quality sugar. Without literacy there would be no rants of the unjustifiably indignant fools to stir up commotion in people that would otherwise be content with the quality of their life.

When a slave understands that it cannot own land it has no desire to own any land. When a slave is given just an inch of land all it does is dream of the ell. It will fight you to the death just for this ell. The less opportunity a person is given to change their scenario, the less they will want it. When one tempts a person by deluding them by instilling the notion that their dreams can come true and they can live a perfect happy life, they entitle themselves to this perfect happy life and this delusion tarnishes the contentedness they would be able to find in a life free from strife of turmoil regardless of the lack of luxury, power, and opulence.

This sentiment can be seen throughout history. The serfs of Europe are given the inch with the rise of modern capitalism during the Renaissance; hence leading to political turmoil and protest by the plebeians across Western Europe. The American slaves are given the inch with their freedom and suffrage following the civil war; hence leading to protest and unrest in the 1950’s. Women are given the inch with their suffrage and rights; hence leading to radical feminism and the recalcitrance to a functional society that accompanies it.

Before these inches were given, the serfs worked without question and had unquestionable loyalty to their nation and fellow man. Before their inch was given, the slaves were docile, amiable, meek, humble, hard working and contented people. Before their inch was given, women were gracious, loving, loyal, and devoted homemakers and mothers. These people were all content with being alive, and were content with performing their roles in society simply for the basic human needs such as food, clothing, and shelter it took to sustain their lives and daily endeavors. This was true because no alternative existed, and yet the people were content enough to continue doing this for hundreds of years. It was on account of people performing these roles that the world was conquered time and time again. This happened because this is a model of a functional society.

Seldom, yet often enough, a megalomaniacal person comes along with their baseless indignance and entitlement and spouts out about how “important”, “worthwhile”, and “respectable” they are, and this would be a non-issue when a logical person confronts this maniac, but when these maniacs are able to preach their nonsense to gullible people with poor logical capacity, then the “movement” slowly begins to build up steam with more and more people believing in these delusional concepts of “self-worth” that are justifiable by nothing, save for the baseless pride, arrogance, and indignance of the those at the head of this “Cult of Worthiness”.

Worth is a statistical measurement. Worth can easily be measured and justified, and this is called profitability. “Self-worth” on the other hand is looking at things that are unprofitable and then attempting to justify them with fallacious intangibility. When people can pay taxes, fund wars, pay wages, and purchase things with the “Value of Human Life”, that is when I will argue that has a value above $0. This unless slavery becomes the popular vote again, then I will certainly offer to test the physical and mental capabilities of slaves in order to run the statistical results through a standardized quantification system to give the inquirer an approximate cash value of the slave at hand. Slavery could easily be the only thing that could ever justify a notion of anything called the “Value of Human Life”.

(Here i come to face with my own ignorance. The word equivocal itself will have equivocal use by my hand, as I use this word to mean “roughly equal”, “something that provides a very similar effect”, “very similar” or “near synonym”, and it is used as both an adjective and a noun. The same with equivocation, would be “the process by which equivocality results via calculations or approximations.” and equivocality “the quality of being equivocal”; of course using my own definitions. I did end up looking this up, when I was told by the machine that the word “equivocals” was not a word.)

The cost of human life on the other hand can easily be measured as well, in terms of net tax expenditures on the person, as well as the private equivocals of tax expenditures such as net yield to the companies that offer their insurance. This would also take into account their worth in terms of what percentage of their employer’s profits can be attributed to them, which in turn would increase their effective tax money input. Other factors include the successfulness of their offspring and the rate at which the human spawns brood, as well as the probability of parenting offspring that performs in certain ranges of quality. I have undoubtedly forgot some factors that influence this cost, and by no means am I saying that all cost will be costly, as it is possible that one costs negative money to sustain, and actually turns a profit via it’s contributions to the territory that it occupies.

These factors are truly the impactful parts of the social systems in existence at this time. Intangible things such as opinions, sentiments, feelings, and alleged morality are not things that accomplish anything other than niceties and certainly do not feed any who are hungry, house any who are cold, or clothe any who’s rags are scant. These sentiments are what cause commotion and uproar where there could be instead quiet productivity.

I say that literacy is immoral on account of the fact that more people are willing to trust the Somalian Prince that offers them millions of dollars in exchange for their banking info, rather than willing to analyze the situations at hand utilizing the data available and attempt to formulate adequate descriptions of the scenarios that cause society to falter. People are gullible, foolish, and do little but dream of taking that ell; rather than coddle these notions, resolve this issue, by taking the inch from the people, which then takes from them the dream of the ell, and subsequently suggest that they return to their duties so that society may function properly again.

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