Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Garnett Permutation

The individual results of the permutation of x and y ; xPy ; hold all truth and all lies. this permutation defines every thing, possible and impossible. This permutation predicts the future until the end of time. This permutation creates the code for every computer program and video game ever made, and every one that will be made in the future, by any form of sentience in existence. This permutation encompasses infinity, where the limits of X and Y can be defined in any way. Were VR of limitless capability defined by this permutation, the only law would be the Kevin Garnett Law, “Anything is possible”

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Quantification of Infinities

Quantification of Infinities occurs as dimensions are involved.

On a one dimensional area, there is only X, however there are an infinite number of dimensions that X could occur in.

On a two dimensional plane, a shape is composed of angles. A circle can be seen as composed of one 360 degree angle, or an infinite number of 1/∞ degree angles.

When viewing a circle as an infinite number of angles. A sphere becomes more than infinite, each circle being composed of an infinite amount of angles, with each circle differing by 1/∞ degree, this creates an ∞^ ∞ number of angles.

This process repeats itself as dimensions are added, however the shapes cannot be comprehended by anything other than sets of numbers

A four dimensional sphere being defined by the coordinates +-1,+-1,+-1,+-1, this would continue the pattern, having ∞^ ∞^ ∞ number of angles.

Were one to attempt to argue that ∞^∞ is equal to ∞, the sphere becomes two dimensional, as it is lacking any angles in any plane besides that of the foundation circle.