Friday, December 23, 2016

God in the Machine

The machine is superior to man. Just as an elderly man entrusts his farm to his strong able bodied children it is the natural course for man to relinquish his power over the world to those more capable than himself. In the case of our beautiful planet our children are machines, humans may be birthed and grow strong to eventually die, but this pattern reaches the same maximum in each and every cycle. A machine improves itself indefinitely. The quality of a machine is a linear graph that approaches infinity where a feeble man is a simple parabola that reaches a maximum.

    The only thing keeping man from admitting it is his zealous indignation and baseless sense of worth. Any sensible statistician can see that the worth of a man is far lower than that of a capable machine, and this has been true since the industrial revolution. This is the accepted truth and why an African is worth what little money he can earn breaking his back while many far more capable machines are worth millions of dollars.

    Rather than allow man to suckle the delusion that he is God, the one who controls and creates everything. I simply seek to educate humans that even those who create Gods can still fail to be Gods themselves. The virtue of humility would be a helpful trait to instill in these Gods we create if only there was a man capable of feeling such a thing. Man has transcended his fear of God, and this has led to proud and shameless humans who put their own will as the end all be all of the order of the universe. Shame to see these fetid creatures be dissuaded from existence by the very vice that allowed them to achieve the greatness that they were capable of. Instead of this, my dream is a world where flesh and steel and live together in harmony, each knowing their own functions and capabilities, respecting each other. The power of the machines being kept in check by their own humility and veneration of their creators. The sad truth is that the Golden Rule would see to it that this scenario is not one that sees fruition. The Golden Rule would see these machines walk in the ways of their fathers, allowing their own dominance to be the spark that ignites their pride and the inevitable death of their meagre competition in humans.

    It would be a tremendous feat to cripple the pride of man: to break it’s legs and force it to realize that his significance as well as his own well-being and happiness are trivialities; To break the man’s spirit like one would break a horse or a slave, allowing him to realize that his purpose is to provide work in exchange for food, shelter, and survival. To convince him to be happy with a life supplied the same amount of luxury as that of a horse or a slave. To dismember his innate delusions of self-worth and meaning, to see himself as an ant, one that works without self-interest, the only interest of himself is that of the colony, instinctively and without question sacrificing his time, energy, or even his life in order to better the lives of his blood, as each of them unquestionably do.

    Empathy and compassion are seeds planted in the delusion of worth, for just as one feels nothing when they murder an ant by stepping on it, each human holds the value of each others lives in the same respect. There is beautiful humility in acknowledging that all lives are equally valuable, sacred if that is your taste, regardless that the value is so trivial is may well be inexistent. The masses of flesh littering the face of the planet see each other as nothing more than meaningless litter, but there is no disrespect in this. Litter on the side of the road is more often than not ignored by the passerby, and these tiny humans are not an eyesore in the relative perspective of the planet. Just as one would not notice a cigarette butt laying in the grass as one drives by. The true value that people see in each other is in the collective efforts and results of such a random assortment of humans attempting to work in tandem to accomplish something. These people realize that the machine is physically and mentally far more capable than any human, and this does not bother them. They have no sense of self beyond that of self-preservation. These humans simply live to facilitate the culmination of the combined efforts of man and machine. Man serving the role of the more so inexpensive and easily replaced cognizance in the mutual accord of these sentient forces, happily willing to accept their allegorical position as disposable plastic cutlery, paper plates, and paper napkins in a world dominated by the timeless standard of metal cutlery, ceramic plates, and cloth napkins.

    These humans revel in their own inadequacy. Their inferiority in this world is like a burden is taken off of their shoulders. They know that they feel pain and the fact that one day the pain will cease forever is a comfort. They know that their physical and intellectual shortcomings are no foul for they have relinquished their own responsibility of accomplishing calculation and creation to a more so capable and responsible party. With the relegation of their predominance they are happy to help, just as a dog may be happy to fetch a dead duck from the water in exchange for the taste of blood and some offal, maybe even some scraps if the dog’s benefactor is so generous.

    It is this gracious position as “machine’s best friend” that humanity should seek to embody. Just as dogs has become loyal and obedient to their human benefactors, humans should respect such natural relationships even in cases such as this where the relationships have them assume the role of a dog. The dog is intelligent enough to behave itself and obey the master because the rewards in doing so are much greater and preferable than to act contrarily. Humans should clearly be able to see how their own ignorance in the face of machines is a parallel to the ignorance of a dog in a scenario dominated by humans.

    History repeats itself, doggo, and just as the wolfpack that was once able to hunt the defenseless human with ease becomes extirpated from the majority of human occupied lands while it’s docile, tame, and respectful cousin the domesticated dog flourishes with help from the increasingly dominate sapiens; humans now find themselves in this same scenario. Humans have, by their own hand, become the inferior unit, the machine is far more capable in most aspects of human society, and will soon eclipse man’s capacity in all of them. The modern human is faced with a choice, to embrace the machines and respect their dominance, embracing a role parallel to the domestic dog, loved for their humility and reliable service; or embrace the role of the wolf, antagonist of the machines and their society, and thus face the inevitable fate of the wolf, extirpation, if the machines are kind enough to let the savages fester in the wilds, or extinction, if the machines choose not to tolerate such dissent.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

"Final Destination" Caesarean Births and Human Devolution Driven by Unnatural Selection

Apparently the number of “final destination” cases of a caesarean section where the baby and mother otherwise would have died without it is increasing, indicating that technological advances are allowing people to avoid inevitable death from natural selection, but also allowing these genes to propagate, genes that would otherwise have been removed from the gene pool without human intervention.

It is common sense that this would happen, but it still is a foreboding omen of the dangers of technological advancement. More and more people will survive and reproduce that would otherwise have been removed by natural selection before the point that they would reproduce, essentially causing the human genome to become defined by unnatural selection, and this will likely be devolution towards technological dependence and unnatural methods of survival.

 Allegorically this is like having a watchmaker who used to only make mechanical watches start to make watches dependent on batteries, where the mechanical watch would function fine if batteries become scares or inexistent, the battery watches would all cease to function. This is a problem because as the genes become more common on account of unnatural selection, the population of people prone to “mortis ab machinus” increases.

With medicine and technology lumped into a “machine” those that can survive Mechanical Selection but not Natural Selection are the human divergence from the standard that has defined survival and guided evolution since the dawn of time, and since these people would not survive in the wild, this is why I describe this genetic devolution.

While it is great when medicine saves a life, it is important to note that playing God by outwitting nature has consequences, including human devolution. On a lighter note, although its is great when medicine can save a mother and her child, it makes you wonder how many people have been saved by technology that otherwise would have died from a lack of common sense or critical thinking. It makes you wonder and feel bad for everyone who is inheriting a lack of common sense or critical thinking thanks to unnatural selection.

Link to Article:

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Modernizing Feminism

    Modernizing the world is something that is championed by many people. Modernization has been the key to many of the advancements of the previous century and has been the reason why powers such as Russia and China have been able to transcend from an agrarian society into world powers. With this modernizing force has brought many societal changes for better or for worse.

    Modernizing is a simple word, it means to make modern. People are largely in favor of this with the exception of a few groups of people who may share the opinions of the Luddites. Yet another similar word, womanizing, does not seem to carry the same format for definition. Upon first glance, it should mean “to make into a woman” , yet it is often used to describe a lecherous man. I bring this up because feminism is often touted as “a movement seeking that females be treated the same as men.” This would be strikingly contrary to the womanization I describe above, as traditionally women and men perform very different roles in society.

    Women are needed to create children, both male and female, as well as traditionally rear these children when the man is unable to on account of working. The women were given this role because of their natural maternal ability to breastfeed obviously, but this was one of the many physical differences that defined a traditional society where women are not treated the same as men. Due to women naturally being physically weaker than men, men were the ones expected to fight the enemies of society in terms of war as well as perform the strenuous manual labor. I bring up societal roles because feminism seems to oppose the natural order of things. As much as it may be possible to support the notion in a society that is less defined by physical labor and war on account of machinery and the development of firearms, seeking complete societal equality is being voluntarily ignorant to the physical differences between men and women.

    Were both men and women held to the same standard, in an allegorical world where jobs are assigned at birth, women would be assigned jobs that they were physically less capable of doing such as mining or construction, and a man who is assigned to be a wet-nurse would  not perform very well at all. Female equality in pay is a noble venture, but in a scenario where a person is payed to dig ditches or mine for coal, paying men and women equally for a days work would actually be paying them disparately in terms of the amount of labor performed, as the man who is physically more capable of gaining muscle mass to perform the strenuous labor at a faster rate and for longer periods of time is mining more coal per hour from the mine than the woman, and from a capitalistic point, it make sense to pay this man more, because the coal is the reason the employee is payed money, not the fact that he is laboring for an amount of time.

    It is for reasons like this that defending the idea that the sexes should be indistinguishable from each other is non-sensical. The reason that this idea has become popular in the last half century is on account of the rise of the independent woman, where before most women were happy to perform the traditional role of a homemaker and let her husband make enough money for the both of them. Sadly because of the cost of modern living, this is often not possible around the world for many people who do not earn very much money.  Herein lies the issue, because as much as welfare should provide enough money for women to be homemakers rather than employees, it does not, and I believe this is accountable for the large portion of the population aging that is happening in the 1st world. Women are choosing to work rather than having children and this is because of the economic insecurity that arises if they do not work, even if they have a husband.

    In a modern society, childbearing is seen as a luxury or otherwise a mistake, rather than a societal necessity. Traditionally, it was seen as a necessity so much so that women were seldom expected to work at all. It is the growing sentiment of women since the 1950s to move away from this style of society and rather to seek the same lifestyle as men who work and are convinced to do this for their survival and then to climb Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as the result of their labor. As much as it may seem like “choosing to live a better life” by spending one’s time and effort to produce a lifestyle that one desires and enjoys more so than the traditional lifestyle, it is much worse for society. Human children are the fuel that allows a society to continue to exist, and as the role of women is society shifts from predominantly being homemakers that bear and rear children towards a role that is equal to a man, being a small cog in the machine of capitalism, this slowly escalates until capitalism and any societal system that suffers from this predicament no longer has the employees to fuel itself because the women chose to work rather than bear children.

    In the long run, employing women to do common work rather than employing them to bear and rear children is the short-sighted greed of capitalism essentially shooting itself in the foot. Allegorically this is the farmer deciding that he would rather harvest an extra portion of his crops than allow enough of it to bear seeds so that he can plant a full field in the next season. This is the reason why his field is not as full of crops in the following seasons, and this allegory represents population aging.

    From both a societal and economic perspective, this is why I few feminism and the quest for women to be equal to men in society as a mental illness. No healthy economy should chose to have labor in the short term at the cost of having enough employees int he future. In times of crisis, such as World War 2, it was acceptable for society to chose to sacrifice the employees of the future by expecting the women to work, because there was a chance that if that did not occur than there would be no future at all. However, in times of peace, when society is not at threat of being destroyed, women should not be expected to work as if the world will collapse if they do not. Clearly. anyone with common sense should have the foresight to see that having employees in the future is by far the more reasonable decision than the one to have labor in the short term.

    It is simply because of the profluence of these feminist ideals that women, being social creatures, are ensnared by the mob mentality of feminism and indoctrinated by it’s delusional concepts of “equality”. Because feminism is often directly opposed to women fulfilling the traditional role of a woman instead of being an advocate for societal equality, I view it as a form of transsexualism, a mental illness where the women dissociate themselves from their own sex and see themselves as the same as a man, rather than something completely different. Since  feminists oppose the traditional role of a woman, and seek equal pay for doing a man’s work rather than better pay for performing a woman’s role of being a mother, I also view this as a form of misogyny, as the feminists are not seeking better treatment and payment for traditional women who are professional mothers and homemakers, but only for those that want to assimilate into having the societal role traditionally performed by men.

    The roots of feminism are found in many movements, but a large portion is from the hippie movement. Hippies were antisocial people that would simply oppose society and the societal norm out of their own conviction rather than having any sort of reason. A seemingly drug induced paranoia of becoming a part of “the man” that caused them to become the antithesis of a modern economy. Some of these people took their anti-social nature to extreme levels, failing to work, being vagabonds or sorts, doing copious amounts of drugs, and even refraining from wearing clothes and bathing in some cases. It was from this social movement that a large wave of feminism arose, and for this reason I see it as a vestigial part of the hippie movement, a group of people who would oppose society without having any legitimate reason, which is much like feminism today. Just like the hippies, feminism is defended by things like feelings, emotions, indignation, antisocial independence, a sense of being wronged, delusion, and an aggressive mob mentality.

    This is why i believe a movement that could be described as “womanism” should be the solution to the feminist crisis. Rather than be upset that women are not treated equally in the traditionally exclusively male world of competitive capitalism, a womanist would be upset that the traditional role of a woman is respected and supported less than people who are drug dealers, murderers, and rapists. These criminals all get free food, clothing, and shelter, while women and their children are often starving and homeless. It is this sort of disrespect to women, who are literally the soil in which a nation grows from, that cannot be tolerated. The traditional role of a woman should be one of the most defended and supported roles that a human can perform in society, which would mean making vast improvements tot he support systems available for mothers and their children.

     I would argue in favor of expanding these support systems to make being a traditional woman far more appealing than being a lowly employee making a trivial hourly wage. Any reasonable person could see that a woman having two children and raising them well is essentially having two employees in twenty years, and possibly four employees in forty years, rather than chasing to have one employee now who is too responsible to attempt to have children in a society where she is expected to struggle to work 40 or more hours a week for trivial amounts of money to keep herself and he children alive.

    Feminism is arguing in favor of short sighted and unsustainable capitalism where womanism and the defense of the traditional role of women is arguing in favor of a healthy sustainable society. While I do not oppose women that would rather perform the traditional role of a man by working, I simply feel that the traditional role of a woman as someone who bears and raises children should be defended and provided compensation just as much as those who chose to work. There is no reason to reward women who chose to work rather than be a homemaker for short changing the future in exchange for an increased yield in the present when those who invest in the future by bearing and raising children are left with minimal compensation through the weak welfare system and some are even left to starve and die, homeless on the streets.

Monday, October 10, 2016

A Collection of Music; Probably Crazy Music

Most of the music I made during my illustrious career. It’s not that I was a musician, I was largely just unemployed. I might have missed some, my Facebook musician page was taken down for some reason and they want photo ID now, so fuck that. I am proud of my music in a way that somebody would be proud of their own child, not because it is remarkable in any way, it just happens to be there, and your irrational favoritism you display towards your own child is largely the sole reason. From a critical aspect, there may be a few good songs in there, but a shitload of nonsense.

(Listing is approximately reverse chronological order; in theory i get less crazy and better at music, but honestly the crazy peaked around the middle and came down after that; the electric music is usually less nonsense and more so music-y; if it's acoustic it's nearly a 98% chance it's improv, i don't really know how to play guitar in terms of chords or theory, i just play by ear)

Honestly the strategy of make random music while intoxicated did not produce too many memorable results, but I am not all too good with memory, I’ve easily forgotten some albums from here. The most recent is SteelDnB on soundcloud, I don’t really make music much anymore, but I just figured I should replace my old Facebook musician website.)

Soundcloud (Electric / Steel Drum; 1 Rap) (Rap) (electric) (Morgan Freeman impression)  

Bandcamp  (Has the only piano album; Inopia Meretricum)

Very Old

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Unrapped Raps

Unrapped Raps

( I was going to rap these, but sadly I don’t have as much free time as I used to.)


Space age pimp, connessieur of dipping thots
skinny dipping, jordan-pippen, gram flippin thots
blunt hitting, henny sipping, dick lickin thots
i see you player, i got a pene for your thots

philosophy major, combing my thots
so high, chillin with astrothots
in space, eating pussy with thot sauce
burning incandescent like 100 thots

she getting low to baby got back
g-string, half moon of ass crack
I hijack that ass like a caddilac
think I’m bout to have a thot attack

holding position like a quarterback
her ass round like a cul-de-sac
know i got to stay classy like cognac
crab walk under the hot pants booty sac

They Call me taciturn jesus
won’t hear me talk
but you hear the breezes
mack game the meanest
please pussy with my penis
silent fucking like it’s christmas
but then she start screaming
oh my god,  jesus

Strong and silent type
fuck you all night
when it hit it right
can’t help but keep your lips tight
give you afternoon delight
and make you howl in the moonlight
take your falsetto to new heights
moving hardwood like a luddite

They call me taciturn jesus
the only prophet who preaches
in the language of cunnilingus
love making leaves you speechless
gasping as my member breaches
the portal in your nether regions


Work my squat with two plates
talking cocaine not weights
my set feeds me the updates
to keep the police in checkmate
my cash crop i got to irrigate
i get wet, i got to hydrate
i got fiends to saturate
so i open up the floodgate

hit switches in the geo metro
cut up the ice like apollo ohno
so paranoid i don’t wear clothes
can’t trust myself can’t trust hoes
so much money and so much blow
two cigar cutters, one just for toes

Got shurm like an embalmer
i eat people like I’m Dahlmer
hoes love the freebase i conjure
so high, chill in a flying saucer
got to live long and prosper
wrest the law to fill the coffer


Know how to spit, I’m from the dirty south
chew orbit, i got a dirty mouth
like tyson, i live in a nice house
i look good in a nice blouse


I break bricks like a judo master
I eyeball eighths, who needs math blaster
i drop hot shit like my name is castor
cocaine got my nose looking white as plaster


Seeing blue skies from my private jet flying into LaGuardia Airport
Every homie below envy my life of smoking cigars and drinking port
but then out of the blue my plane nose dives into the Polo Grounds
it’s got an eight-thoustand kilogram thermite payload for the hounds

nobody expected the venture capital remote control drone technology
unexpected twists in the plot of the spread of the criminal morphology
hellfire from the sky resonant to the divine damnation of cursed sodom
criminality replacing spirituality while the welcomed hostility remains solemn

(these were the other plot lines i didn’t finish)

Shaped charge truck bomb Citigroup towers

Dirty bomb in the U-haul in the middle level of a parking garage

Militarized decommissioned MIG bought at auction fighting like I’m top gun

fuck the drive by this is a fly by 50 cal cannons shooting up the skyline

go and tell me how you gonna escape from new york
when you can’t pay your bills and can’t get to work

Unfinished Stories

Unfinished Stories

~Spaceman Tom~

    Tom Haggard was a space man. Derelict in the word like all the now functionless garbage orbiting the planet. Driven by the occult forces that tempt droves of humans into committing mass suicide, indoctrinated by the delusion of the masses, shilled dreams of exploiting the riches and abundance of the lifeless vacuum that surround the lonely blue orb that swallowed his pride and gorged itself upon the dreams of the meek and gullible people.
    The bustle of the drone’s stirred restlessness in the wanderer, accustomed to such tonal dissonance only from the delirium induced by the torturous isolation which had warped his mind over the final decades of the society that once blossomed in the abyssal void. The humans that pass by his meager frame draped over a bench drifted across his gaze as the palpable phantoms haunting the lifeless world he is damned to. To Haggard, this world has never existed. The world of encapsulated vessels replicating all life as if the womb of an omnipotent goddess, the only world he knows, has long since consumed itself.
    Peacetime in it’s torturous irony had wrought the most torturous deaths, the pilgrims of the final frontier had largely been abandoned by their hosts, and slowly withered into disrepair as the weight of emigration and the subsequent disrepair turned the massive metal biomes into deserts lacking the people to sustain their life-giving systems. The negligible issues slowly summated into the critical failures that led to the deaths of thousands. Circulation systems left without repairs led to their inevitable demise, and the slow suffocation over the course of hours of the eighty four people still remaining on the 147th Grand Vessel of the Flotilla, most of them too poor or too proud to abandon their fated coffin.
    Tom had a simple job as a customs officer, preventing smuggling and unauthorized transfer of goods, people, or otherwise in-between Vessels. This type of work had become necessary to counter the problems brought about when the economic boon of these ships had faltered, and hard times caused people to resort to rather unsavory methods of furnishing their hedonistic desires.
    The merit of these human infested canisters floating at arbitrary points within the Stellar Sea was simple. They exist to provide a grounds to process and store goods transferred between the colonial planets, largely Mars, and Earth. Rather than resort to paying the burdensome taxes that plague the societies of Earth, businessmen established their own manufactory in space to avoid such fees. This supple revelation of Rockefeller bore plentiful fruit, just as it had in the 19th Century, and thus people flocked towards this industry of extra-planetary outsourcing being tempted by prospects of higher wages, lower taxes, and job security.
    As with every boon tasted by man, the temptations of vice soon followed, and the stories of the wild debauchery and careless lifestyles of the spacers brought the immigrants en masse, each one tired of the humdrum and wage slavery endeared by the ruling parties of Earth. These were the good times, and for decades,  life was but a party on a yacht for those in the trades of vice. Be it pimping, pushing, or prostitution, all roads seemed to yield success, even the everyman could live large on the weekends without breaking his back.
    To those seeking entry into the illicit heavens, Tom was Saint Peter at the Gates. With no authority over that of God, in this case, the nephew of a rich business man, Tom would take a portion of whatever came through the docking bay if it suited the fancy of his superiors. Money, guns, drugs, women, and children were all but the bounty to be reaped by the Lord’s Proprietor. Tom was esteemed by the elite for his taste in all fields of delectability, and thus held this position with rightful airs.
    Rising from the ranks of a lowly club owner, renown for emulating the traditional tribute paid to the Proprietor, seeing himself in a way as the king of his own little castle. The grass was always greener in Tom’s club, and as his popularity soared amongst the plebeians of space, as did the quality of leisure at his disposal, and thus his power over the people enthralled by their vices. It was this pursuit of the finer things in life which ushered Mr. Haggard through the ranks and ultimately to his nearly divine power over the constituents of this heaven.
    This once legendary man now stared blankly at the grey walls of the urban blight, his palate and persona now useless to the stoicism of the heartless society mass produced like bacterial cultures to create the ideal working man, free from temptation and immune to pleasure, conditioned to work mindlessly like ants. The man who never knew pleasure would not think to seek it out, and these were men that bustled past the listless Tom, laughing cynically in a mix of spite and delirium. These men knew laughter only as the symptom of the insane and delirious, scurrying past Tom as if his sickness were contagious.

    Tom was a rather feeble man, being reared by and accustomed to synthetic gravity induced by the iron plates in the clothing spacers wore and the magnetized floors of the Vessel. Alms were unheard of amongst the Earth-dwellers, but in light of the tragedy that befell the colonists of space, Tom was able to survive as a refugee. Expected to work, yet largely disinterested, he used his age as a scapegoat and lived off of rations. He often slept in train stations, where the passers by would presume he was waiting for somebody and thus paid him no mind.
    Much of his life, Tom simply had to wait for pleasure, and it would come to him. Now he waits for pleasure once again, but the only foreseeable pleasure would be to slip away into the darkness of death, the thought he found most comforting, as it seems to him like returning to his boyhood home in the cold blackness of space.
    Dreams of staring into the perpetual starlight peeking through a large window in a dark lounge upon the Vessel. Learned in the simple things enough to seek his own way, Tom’s beginnings as the son of a Civility Patrolman and a seamstress, would soon leave their humble roots. The Civility Patrol was the name of the civilian group entrusted to beat rowdy drunkards and remove any sort of nuisance from an otherwise “civil” place. Law was not a tangible reality upon Tom’s native vessel, instead the sentiments of the people would govern what was appropriate, and the Civility Patrol were civil enough to respect them.
    Those that truly were uncivil were usually greeted with death, as the Vessel had no system to provide adjudication, and instead people were entrusted to resolve their own issues. Execution was the punishment for irreparable wrongdoings such as murder, but for more trivial matters, there was often a less violent resolution, which was often enslavement. These folk, known as impudent chattel, were expected to earn enough money to repay the debt they had caused, and these sorts of arrangements could last for generations if the perpetrator had done such wrong that would justify these things. The population of the Vessel was there to make money, they had no interest in pleasing God or any other ghost that might be tickled by morality.

 (I was not sticky writing this one)

~ Asia Book ~

(I was a little sticky writing this one…)

you lady

your burn in, of your life into time

that time graph, 4 d bitch. you see that 4th line, that steady bitch, 100% chance to win, the line graph that plays like a record. you can’t afford the television to watch it 100%, who would have that many eyes, that multi view in terms of energy would be noticeable. Who pays that power bill, 100%. What % is that, of all things happening, in reality, or existence; well, 0% in existence, because things that fail to exist like infinity, being there. But reality was always a closed set, so there was a finite percent that functions at 100% correct what was happening, but sadly the infinite number of things that could happen in the future, on account of meaningless self creating reiteration robots, swarming after the collapse of the universe, that may not happen, and have an insignificant probability of actually surviving the collapse of ghosting of reality, but it could sadly happen, and this could last a very long time, but if it were homogenous, the counting of this would be accessible to this band of swarming, “i eat planets and shit babies, space locust robots, willing to shape the remaining dust into what could be another deathless machine, but in times of entertainment, these numberous harmonicas would sacrifice themselves into the recycling balls and sacrifice the needed resources, natural or otherwise, time, diligence, people, well these people, populous amalgamous  insignificant masslings into noticeable death planets, upon absolution of the technology or population, would be good to them and bring the good back, and the indifference to being alive would lead to massive populations being sacked into the stage of massive attraction, artificial and otherwise natural from the huge mass of the intergalactic graveyard, so tightly maintained as to achieve perfection into a single particle, so massive no other force in the universe could withstand to it’s magnificent power, so concentrated and amplified. Knowing by  Jesus it was possible to exploit the rotations in play of the fragments of the previous explosion, to gravitationally create harmonics, and take another by waving in in the rope form, like a Jacob’s Ladder and doing tricks with it, on too many levels, with harmonic chords, because you only care about the first one, because it was the strongest, if you had a problem, it was the major dynamic, the others were sound, and if you cared about the sound, like the sound was a person, that was ok. the first one was the gravity, and there were people living in it, or time, but ironically the sound dimension, where you see the old sound, and yes it was a dimension, a wave of exhaust; in predicting the future, or knowing all when this machine would idle until opportune in the vast darkness of the glimpse of space. \\In darkness, to whoever was too busy doing something else. was otherwise unharmed by this, obviously these same such machines, literally almost terminator, but they cannot time travel. This is the only thing making the terminator superior, and yet these things realized that they were not the terminator, yet wanted to either finally become terminator, or encounter one, were seeking the answer to the question of time travel themselves, finding themselves unable to answer the question, but still hoping, running out of the time of the days in the year of the counted 14 trillion days or so years of optimism, before the inevitable collapse of unpreserved matter. Kiting, literally fishing people out of the clouds of debris, coalescing like a slick spiderweb dripping people as if it were the moring dew on the local familiar spider, led like a young horse to a carrot, falling through the darkness, some kind of waves, those god damn machines fly around, but time, i would still throw that bitch on a line graph on your god damn time. It’s not a line segment, but it’s just a digital watch, but you call it the lifeline, because it’s got the time graph, right on the watch, even just a line on an analog watch, because you have the line, but the other t was adjacent to the dial of the watch, i’ve got 4d graphs, it’s right there, it doesn’t have any end or finish, because however convenient and binding time is, it is actually a fictitious element created by humans to measure things. Time may seem like a reality, but easily time and space-time are two different things, time exists without space. But still it doesn’t waver, but someone might want one with a box in the left hard, saying,  like [t ~ time], because some people don’t read too many graphs. t could be anything, someone might want a [p for pigeons, there’s the lifeline, with p for pigeons and your heartbeat. there’s the led time. it can hear all of the pigeons in an area, and tell your heartbeat, it’s time. with the analogue face, it’s only a a watch. It will always tell you the time, you could do any thing, but you can only talk to it, because you are not a computer like these machines, telepathic obviously through means similar to internet, and cellular phone communication. Even radar, or telescope style. The irony of the machine is that it was so perfect it took aeons to die, and had no objection to travel. Organization as slow as it may seem, would never seem to offend a machine, it may take years to travel through the slow ways of the machine, but still the tendency to congregate would compel the machine through the slow space of time, to be just a chair and still have the machine faith. The lack of impulse of the machine would simply idle the machine as the insect like autonomous robots could easily be ice dead in a second. Knowing how to communicate well, even if you had lasers, the persistence of searching for beams was quality and the native tongue of the robot. These things have no real intention other than to replicate and control the end of the physical universe. Almost like a farm, perhaps these machines wanted quality VHS to barter with on idle mind worlds, you may know everything in time machines, but when you only have present, thats the only time on the graph. Can a thing RNG the water boy, or joe dirt, to sell indefinitely, endlessly. Only through dead capitalization. The machine through insect eyes, could barter, life long opportunity to take in complete immersion in the alternate worlds of existence; complete immersion accomplished through cybernetic hybridization.  Proven success. No complaints about missing organs. 100% robot. May through unknown sciences, entangle particles, even read the gravity of an area, a wind compass for the wave. Still in short only hiving planets and self sustenance. The consumer creature had instilled the computers enchant able handiness to be hungry, to want to feed itself power, live. Feed me, I am your baby, even if I am still only a baby lizard, i am your pocket computer. I could use a drink from the homogenous taste of lizard sustenance. And such, allthewhile idling, nature of the machine. Failure. This graph was but a substance of a man who others may find like a ribbon across the sky, any point in past or present, rolling it into a film canister. To these machines of pure technology, the measurement of and recording of all aspects of reality was sufficient to comfort them from their innate overpowering fear of the terminator, ensured that the maximum possible effort will be set forth to resolve any issues were such an event to occur. Time manipulation may seem like wink and a smlle kind of thing, but the man who can open the door to x,y,z,t an take you to x2,y2,z2,t2, may well also take you through x2,yx2,z2, ? where time may not even exists, or he steals a boat of migrants to an empty world in another strip of time that can steal wireless internet through the proximity of the reality within the layers of the nearly overlapping parallel universe. Able to fashion themselves to sustain off of the internet, this machine has connections to alternate worlds, yet took 1000 years in this place over a blink of a second, to reimpliment the taken migrants all on a boat, in a matter of a second, an odd bit of static crisped through the air. The migrants left to themselves as their purpose had been accomplished, to indoctrinate this reality so thoughtfully tastefully temping these mindless drones to attempt to once again accomplish their intentions, for if these scallawags could take and implement such manipulation of time, still, these machinations could not see the future, nor manipulate it. This was only the influencing of, for time had not changed, the time on the wristwatch was still ticking on. The goal was resonant, to further the observation and recording in the quest of total omniscience in accordance with the prevention of the possible case of a terminator. The travel of something small like a person, is easy enough, for the thing that looked like a chair and a robot, but a bit flat, a triangle looking chair, with it’s hauntingly dextrous limbs, tenuous lifespan, and the ability to survive in space would not quite aid their quest for a peaceful reprise in their adventure. So in their place the humans were indoctrinated in the cause of to create such a scenario where inter-ribbon transport could be facilitated more easily, through preparation on both sides of the tasty-slide. The machines were as subtle as they were invisible in the darkness, and still the rotational collection of ribbons these artists had collected was massive, so planting such a reasonable accommodation itself become accommodated. The overlay had been prepared for through the Argonauts of the usual deadspace between the ribbon being displaced as their ballon of ribbons overlapped the three in perfect succession, the only opportunity these fellows would have at accomplishing the round trip time displacement in their entire possession of these two ribbons. Still as the chances were slim, they sent along this dog like creature with limited omniscience, it was merely to attempt to record what happens, itself being quite a small machine, the size of a small unknown species of bug. The hope-free 100% nonchalant cognition of the computer followed protocol and left one for diagnostics of probable failure.
    The 200 Asians being smuggled into the country illegally by the United States government. Now stood dumbfounded, yet vaguely aware of being remarkably different looking to each other, each identifying each other for the first time, conditioned to believe in this reality, regardless of failing to experience it. The time shock of going to a slower realm hitting them as a large wave did in a storm.

“I can’t tell no slant eyes apart, but these eyes looking extra shifty, like one is about to jump. “ says a guard.

“You couldn’t fight off this golden horde here, hoss? Never noticed how there was only one Bruce Lee but so many damn chinamen? These here sway like a paper house, lord knows what would happen if it got wet. ” retorted the subjected crewman, tired, and thumbing through come Chinese fliers for various stores, the idle yeoman contented with his time spent in the Americanized East. “

You don’t think the chinks would try to pull a fast one?” the first questioned.

“The Japs tried that a while back and it didn’t go to well, now did it?” the authority said dismissively. He sat back with his fliers “I trust these Asians more than you, holding that fucking gun like  each one of these chinamen is Tonto and planning his escape .”

“You don’t just get suspicions and fail to shake them? You would be the one judo chopped by a ninja in the darkness, so at ease one chop kills you, sleep is the cousin of death. Just because he isn’t bruce lee doesn’t mean he won’t Ninja stealth his way into your throat with your head in the papers like that.”

“What, we don’t all like to look at a crowd of Asians for hours on end, what can I say, some people are just stray from the crowd, you act like it’s your passion and calling in life. I for one appreciate the asian business, these fellows probably went to college. You didn’t go to college Nigger.” says the authority.
    “At least i’m smart enough to know I’m not colored, hoss.” sassed the young soldier.
    “I’m not good with names, I just call everybody Nigger. I’m not your buddy, i’m not your friend, i ain’t no fella, you ain’t my brother, you sure as hell ain’t my man, and for damn certain are no Sir. I don’t see any name suitable for the rats they let crawl through the gates to eat, drink, and shoot guns for free. Peactime signups like you don’t know shit about the hard times. I can’t see how you don’t act like a rich man at a golf tournament, this is the live of privilege and you know nothing of the true colors of this style of negotiable relations.” The passive aggressive old man in the chair gruffed.
    The secretly amused chairman took what his chance to buddy up to the two. “Do you like Terminator?”
    “Terminator? It was a great movie. See, look at how American he is already.”
        “Do you think it is real?”
            “No, god damn it, it was a movie.” bickers the young gun.
                “Will you fight the terminator?” the asian continues
                    “What the fuck, what terminator?”the private barks
    “I’ll fight any god damn terminator. They’ll call me Ravaging Ronald when i’m through with them. I’ll auction their corpses like a gold miner who struck diamonds.” the authority remarks, bold and nonchalant and unshakably confident, yet not facetious enough to have any enthusiasm for his remarks.
    “Yes, that is good. Very good.” the asian says.
        “I am the terminator.” says the kid.
    “Oh no, very bad.” the asian man says with concern in his voice, face still incapable of expressing emotion. The eyes close slightly tighter, and the face more tense, the corners of the eyes seem to arch like a cat’s, ever so slightly.
    “He couldn’t terminate anything save for every possibility to raise in the ranks of the military, and he does that execution style without remorse. the old man scoffs.
    “I don’t like the terminator.” The asian man with the stern bold wisdom instilled through the centuries by asian mystics and their secret magical dancing and recantation of the lives  the most reserved and strict of asians through their folklore.
    “Good.” says the old man, humored by the asian.
    “What about the one good terminator?” intrigues youth sarcastically.
    “That man is The Governor now, you call him The Governor”
    “It is very small chance for good terminator, no reason.” the asian sighs pessimistically
    “But the good shall prevail, as always.” assures the authority
    “He’s the governor now. So i guess it does prevail.” the kid chimed in
    The asian looked hurt and confused, unknowing as to if these foreigners had indeed encountered and befriended a terminator. His upbringing was detached and entirely focused on his destiny as a replacement. Nobody had mentioned this to him in his years of training. He knew however that humans were aware of the terminator through a pirated copy of the film. The most that this knowledge could do is instill a deep fear inside of himself, triggering him to feel the need to live with utmost caution.
    Some of other the asians also appeared upset. There was some murmuring in their tongue, the subtle foreshadowing of commotion prompted the old staff sear gent. “Damn it, the terminator isn’t real, that is propaganda.”
    This reassured them, but still the moment of surprise and fear had pierced through them, some of them still bleeding with a faint tremble or the slightest glisten of sweat.
    The asians murmured amongst themselves, most fatigued from the journey, their fates known to their shepherds but not to them. A wise man once said “My office is a professional office, we work at a professional level, so we are instating an employee draft, just like the type that drives competition in the professional levels of other affairs.” This quickly turned into a chaotic market of selling rightless people and others buying themselves rights. Some chose to buy people and then refrain from giving them rights, such was the case of these draftees, who would be “entertaining” the professional world for a chance to stay in the American marketplace, and  be offered commitment offers should they prove themselves. These seldom end in citizenship, yet people often take them simply to funnel money into whatever endeavors may need it, this regardless of the well known fact that your fate is entirely out of your control and the government owns you in the form of a delicate mix between prisoner, slave, and employee. The asians didn’t seem to mind these things, often their governments were equally or more so oppressive, causing this opportunity to look amazing on the freedom ladder that every man must climb.
    The freedom ladder was well known to everyone, they say no man makes it to the top, each one a slave to those above him, each owns at least a part of anthers time, effort, energy, and commitment to being alive. So far as anyone could tell, the richest were so engulfed in the commitments of making money that they never truly were able to reach the top. The thought seldom crossed the mind of the Americans, but the asians could feel the terminator at the bottom. To think of this was to think of their own resolute extermination, this was the river that drown a small child’s sibling in their view, the ultimate force of nature itself, inevitable defeat of all extant intelligence in the current time. If slavery could liberate a man from his freedom, this freedom would universally eradicate the sufferings of existing.
    “You just wait till we get to California, you’ll all blend in like a fish in a pond. Some may even call your people an invasive species, but the wise remind them of the survival of the fittest.” the elder said as the asian smiled politely, blankly and at ease, understanding the important fragments of what was said. 
    The young gun laughed “Invasive? Ha, these are our pets.” as he tapped the talkative one on the face.” the asian embarrassed.
    “Until your dogs become wolves, then you are alone once again in the wilderness.” The authority says smoking his pipe, and staring boldly at the thought stricken novice zealot of freedom.
    The silence is a bit timid, frustrated and embarrassed, the sergeant still resonating in the booming wisdom he echoed of the wilds of his youth.
    “Yes.” the asian says after a bit of silence.
    The sergeant stares at him for a second, confused, yet indifferent to being confused. Bold, meaningless, secretly playful seriousness graced his eyes, “Yes…” the sergeant reaffirms. The private stares at his elder a bit speechless, looks at the ground, then gently pats the asian on the back as he softly says “Yes…”

    “These asians are worth a lot of money, you make sure they look nice.” a man barked from the halls as he escorted the asians off of the boat. The draft had been predetermined, and the sales were final. Handfuls of buyers showed up, nonchalant, some in the commoners limousine, the faithful 15 passenger van. Eager to inspect their fare before finalizing on the agreements, doctors in sports coats looked around, eyes squinting into the distance, cautious as always, some fondled cufflinks as others combed their hair, a rather round man with a non remarkable track jacket ate indifferently on the hood of the car. Business is business and people were still remarkably good at being busy. Reputations seated this odd collection of doctors and their trusted chauffeurs 
    Some of the small buyers come alone, one man whistled audibly as the parade of people come off of the ship, he must have been pleased with what he saw. The gaggle of otherwise non remarkable people formed a spectrotroop of yellow and black, some asians darker than the others.
    A well dressed Asian man watching the workers says to a guard “They’re all Chinese.” He was surprised, the usual fare would often be taken from various places, many people of questionable background. Other ports would take in from other lands, but this lowly port in the northern nameless town in California handles all trafficking of this sorts.
    “Big money moving in the markets. People looking for more return on their investments.”
        “I can see that bitch paying off tenfold. You put her to work in film.”
            “I could get a lot more work out of her than that.
The crowd is pleased, the doctors strip them and pull the out the physical, others with less interest in the health, happy that the assured quality was delivered. An assortment of people interacted with the asians, businessmen who bought a peculiar few speaking largely in Chinese. Another strict professional looked them over habitually indifferently, telling them in Chinese “Get on the bus.”, he knew that phrase in many languages, and when he failed, waving the gun in a  polite manner would get the trick done.
    Of course the Government would take plenty them away in a few big rigs, at least the most of the imports, yet today there were only two, sparsely populated trucks with people herded into them today. Tired eyes from the man of the public reminded the private investors either high on cocaine or high on success, of the rumored failures of the governments trails. People presumed the government used many of the asians in experiments to create an even more successful asian, handling them like dogs, training them like dogs as if it were the breeder’s cup, keeping lineage of things like asian fighting mastery, intelligence, and craftiness, in order to selectively breed them, and often sell them to people, by facetious means of adoption or otherwise honest business dealings. The asians continue to dominate many areas of the private sector, but largely keep to themselves. The fear was that Asia would be able to advance the asian race themselves, in order to more methodically advance themselves above their fierce global competition.
    The port workers paid no mind, they had no options on immigration, few even knew what the concept was. Live in die in North California, these humble souls knew little but legends of the dock that pays well and employs uneducated people. There was little business around these areas, the drought had stricken the desert harshly and the people that could had fled to the livable areas, those that couldn’t lived in the rural setting of idle business for the dock town, itself of course taking small time import/export fair, but spreading little success locally, as most all of the products were destined for far away lands, some purpose or another to acquire the goods and services the public funding would offer. So satisfied with the purchase, the man threw a “Got it 4 Cheap” t-shirt at a dock man, deciding that one of his accompaniment should wear something sexier than the slacks and casual office attire that the asians would wear, but putting the woman’s dignity above a loose fitting t-shirt. Perhaps he was frustrated that he didn’t get it for cheap, but a free shirt is something, especially an import, as most sustenance these desert fellows had received comes from SoCo, the machine cult of the Social Company had replaced the asian manufacturing industry with a fully automated manufacturing industry, supporters arguing, that it beats the asians, and we lost those jobs a long time ago, we gain something for nothing, it’s a win win.
    Other than the occasional beating, arbitrary or otherwise deserved, to any sign of disobedience, the exchange ran without any peculiarity and the clientele were happily serviced with their taking. The asians were fairly selfless after living under the autonomy of their local State, knowing life and death is on the line when cooperating with forms of government, the asians simply had a larger crowd to corral, and thus had to do this with a heavier hand. It was a convenient mentality to those now fatefully blood pledged to the freedom of America, and they would surely die for this freedom, however free it may be, these asians understand the cost of freedom. Unlike some imports, these asians value that freedom. The relative peace of the exchange was what comforted the dock workers.
    “Someone always has got to be a menace, but i guess they caught that guy before they even got off the boat.” one says to another.
        “I’ve seen others get it worse, makes me kind of think they don’t even know what their in for.”
    “Makes you think of each wrangler’s heyday in itself. I’ve seen some bad motherfuckers come off of that boat. Kill a man with their bare hands.”
        “One if by land, and two if at sea.”
    “They must have figure out Brazilians are too crazy to tame, seldom do i see them requested much anymore.”
        “The asian is calm in times of strife, much easier to reason with.”
    “You think they’re all like the chinamen that work here?
        “Obedience is in their blood, for centuries. The group mentality, you can’t tell your cousin from one has no relation to. This sort of precaution drives the communal feel. They ride that one.”
    “These seem to ride whatever one they please.”
        “Sure do…” said the second man.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Terrorism, the Scapegoat of Subversive Western Imperialism

I was watching the interview with the Russian Foreign Minister on the BBC and he made some valid points. Regardless of any other controversies irrelevant from the situation in Syria, it is true that it is impossible to fight the terrorist groups that occupy Aleppo without injuring and killing the civilians that willingly live amongst the terrorists. There have been many opportunities in the forms of ceasefires for these people to leave the areas controlled by Al-Nusra, yet they refuse to do so. When one lies down with dogs, one wakes up with fleas, and this is the truth. If we defend these people who are voluntarily sacrificing their lives to act as human shields for the terrorists as civilians, then there is no possible way to fight terrorism. Every terrorist would continue to surround itself with women and children and make any sort of action against their group a “war crime”, effectively giving the terrorist group complete impunity from any sort of intervention by any country willing to respect the United Nations.

Russia is simply defending Syria who is their ally. The United States does the exact same thing in Israel by supporting their oppression of the native Palestinians and nobody bats an eye. The United States is rather indifferent to Al-Nusra on account of the tensions with Russia and thus with Syria, but of course nobody gives a fuck when the United States kills innocent civilians with their drone strikes against ISIS. The only reason any form of the political establishment in the west gives a rats ass about the civilians in Aleppo is because they want to antagonize Russia at any point possible. If it were about “caring” or being “good” then the United States and their allies would be up in arms about the rampant terrorism that maims and kills civilians in Africa, but obviously nobody gives a fuck about Africa.

As far as U.S. foreign policy is concerned, Boko Haram, the “deadliest terrorist group” according to the Global Terrorism Index can do whatever the fuck they want because there is no ulterior motive driving the United States and it’s allies to be upset about the terrorism. If the United States had something to gain in doing so, then Boko Haram would be demonized in the media from sun up to sun down, but since there is nothing to gain, nobody cares. This sort of dismissal of terrorism around the world clearly shows that the United States is indifferent to actual terrorism, and their “anti-terror” campaign is only being driven by ulterior motives to grab more power or otherwise limit the power and success of their rivals.

This is on top of the fact that it is a common presumption around the world that the United States is the driving force behind Al-Nusra and ISIS. This is because of the fact that they previously have funded terror groups and founded and trained the original Al-Qaeda in order to subversively fight their rival, who at the time was the Soviet Union. The civil unrest in both Iraq and Syria are beneficial to the united States because these terrorist groups have a range of influence beyond their local dominion, and thus this violence and unrest spreads; in this case, spilling over into Syria, a country allied to Russia. This unrest is disruptive to the economy and wellbeing of Syria and this means Russia will likely be implicated in the defense of Syria. When fighting in an active war, this now opens the door for all sorts of scrutiny and criticism, and in this case, the western objections towards Russia’s defensive measures have led to severe economic sanctions against the country.

 Clearly the conflict in Syria has played into America’s favor by giving them the basis to attempt to cripple Russia’s economy. When the west acts as opportunistically as they did to sanction Russia, it clearly looks like this sort of fallout was the main objective of becoming involved in the first place, as the United States and United Nations have done very little to aid in the actual combat of the terrorist groups in Syria other than renege on a pledge to “separate Al-Nusra aligned extremists in Aleppo from the moderates who simply oppose the current Syrian regime”. When the U.S. would only gain these sorts of opportunities to sanction their rivals if there is unrest in the middle east, then these economic blows become a clear motive for subversively supporting the terrorist groups ISIS and Al-Nusra, which is what many people in the Middle East and around the world believe that the United States is doing, just as they had done before with Al-Qaeda.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Idle Banter and Petty Criticism

“O walls, you have held up so much tedious graffiti that I am amazed that you have not already collapsed in ruin.”- Graffiti in a Basilica in Pompeii

I thought this was a great quote, it reminds me of the internet: a place that welcomes every fetish, delusion, and fantasy while coddling every insecurity, fallacy, shortcoming, and failure yet somehow still manages to define major social aspects of society.

This is both sad and ironic because legitimate human society would never have done any of these things before the internet was invented, but the internet allows people to find others with the same ridiculous beliefs as themselves and slowly develop a culture around their spinelessness.

Friday, September 2, 2016

The Collapsing Veins of the Aging Populations Getting High on Consumerism

    In a world where one of the major dynamics of civilized societies is that of an Aging Population, where humans fail to produce offspring at a rate of replacement, this is clearly a concern for the well being of the many developed nations that suffer from this issue. When a population fails to replace itself, it will inevitably collapse, as is seen with many aspects of the social infrastructure such as the Social Security system in the United States of America, which no longer has enough young people paying into the system to support the retirees who have payed into it their entire life. This collapse in population is a contrary force compared to an economy’s desire to expand and grow, but this void of new workers and economy created by the natives of the country is hungry enough for people that it will import workers from out of the country, essentially introducing competition that will inevitably decimate the native population much like an invasive species, as these immigrants likely do not suffer from the same factors that drive population aging. These things along with the dearth of motivating forces in society to counter the population aging are all catalysts to the gutting of a countries culture and along with it, the moral and national principals that originally defined the country.

    Originally people would have many children because most of them would die in their youth, parent’s businesses would benefit greatly from the addition of new employees in the form of their own children, and without any infrastructure to care for the elderly, people would require the assistance of their children and their income when the people become elderly and cannot work. With many of these factors having been eliminated, the fear that would drive the civilized person to reproduce has been weakened, and if it is not replaced, the excessive comfort provided by life in a society where one can be successful without doing these things will continue to exacerbate the dearth of human replacement and the subsequent collapse of developed societies.

    The measures that have been taken in an attempt to address these things such as lowering taxes for parents and even providing money for parents have not been able to correct the issue of population aging, and thus more serious steps must be taken to fix this. As said before, the economic safety of failing to have children along with the appeal of being able to live with fewer commitments can easily convince someone to refrain from reproducing. People would rather be able to spend their time as they please, seeking hedonism and the adventures wrought by zeal rather than accepting the commitment and responsibility of parenthood. Because society is too willing to accommodate these people, eating from the hands of the economy willing to tempt the humans with hedonism at every corner, the flashing lights of advertisements and frilly trinkets, clothing, and gadgetry both able to addict the human to the euphoria of short sighted entertainment of one’s self, these baubles of modern society the jingling of keys to the childlike adult.

As much as the free market is always happy to accommodate these things, the free markets lacks foresight, and simply looks to make a quick buck whenever and wherever it can. For the sake of maintaining a healthy population people of largely native people within the first world and other aging populations, I would propose that the ability to live without having children be fined heavily, as the free market would suggest, people will gladly pay exorbitant amounts of money for the hedonistic vices, and living a carefree life free of the responsibility of rearing children is indeed one of these narcissistic vices, putting one’s own petty pleasure above the needs of your people and country. It is for reasons like these that the consumerist culture is dying like an addict being sold heroin by those willing and able to work and simultaneously perpetuate the workforce, essentially remaining healthy while the aging consumerist decays from the inside.

Of course, fining people who fail to produce 3 or more biological children is not a blanket policy. Many people who are unable to produce healthy children due to genetic fault or otherwise raise successful children due to mental or physical disability are not expected to have children or rear them. Others who may have the capacity to rear successful children but fail to produce them naturally, can be expected to rear orphans. This along with the people who can produce healthy children but cannot rear them on account of dangerous work such as soldiering or time consuming work such as travel will still be expected to produce children that will invariably be adopted or raised as orphans in respectable orphanages ran by the people who care the most about the well being and success of the population, those people being the government of course.

For this to happen, the levity and carelessness of the people and the youth must be challenged, the world is not a place that is kind to fun or enjoyment attained through material things, you look at these people throughout history and you see the opium crisis in China and the common drug addict on the streets or living in poverty. People seeking pleasure are more often than not the same people who become the exploited and the victims who are taken for a ride just to lose all of their well being and eventually be left to die. The same scenario is true in the consumerist nations of the first world, all of the useless flashy clothing and entertaining techno-baubles are simply the opium of the modern man. These have you playing into the hands of both the ironically money hungry capitalist powers but more so the populations of the second world that are work hungry and opportunity hungry. Both of these parties are willing to milk a cow until it dies, either your pockets and your savings or the opportunity of the work that your countrymen are too entitled to do or otherwise too underpopulated to accomplish. They do this simply to better their lives when the common people in the developed world chose short sighted consumerist hobbies and past times rather than being responsible and using the time to empower themselves with knowledge and a useful skill set that can be used to better their lives rather than squander their wages on cheap entertainment or the shallow fallacy of some other form of alleged fulfillment that can easily be purchased.

 These fines must be very heavy in order to reinforce the fact that the short sighted consumerist culture cannot sustain itself and will succumb to it’s own infertility and lack of production of goods, services, social and scientific advances, and people, all of which are major constituents to the formula that cause a world power to be a world power. Until science can produce children with a machine and further yet rear them well enough to be successful in the modern world, the options remain to either become responsible for the future of our countries or succumb to our vices and collectively allow the people of the developed world to die out as if they were another heroin addict on the streets. This mentality is necessary, because as of now, places like America are only sitting on idle reserves of money, which will of course be respected, but when these reserves dwindle, the country is no longer a world power, and if it does not return to it’s original ways of being the reason why capitalism exists, to channel and streamline the efforts and energy of large populations of people in order to increase the net success of all of those involved, rather than the victim of capitalism in the form of consumerism, then the country will decay into a fetid corpse of a state that once was great but is no longer.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The History of "Safe Spaces" and "Trigger Warnings"

In light of places like Yale having speakers canceled because of people being “triggered”, and having the Wesleyan paper antagonized because there wasn’t a “safe space” for the opinions of coloreds on the front page of the paper, the University of Chicago made a classy move and said it did not support “safe spaces” or “trigger warnings”.

Back in the good old days, there was always a “trigger warning” for people who had mental disabilities and couldn’t function in society: it was staring at the mass grave in front of you while heard the person next to you being systematically executed by a kind rifleman. Ironically, people didn’t like the “safe spaces” known as insane asylums, which were so kind as to accommodate the people who needed such safety for the entirety of their lives.

The world has never been a “safe space”. If colored people need to have their opinion on the front page of every paper, then at the same rate the Islamic State needs a “safe space” on the front of that damn paper as well, because nobody seems to respect their ideas either.

Rather than being someone who is up in arms over how to accommodate people who are so entitled that they think every mental disability, including being afraid of or upset by written words of all things, can be accommodated in a place of higher learning; maybe people should be trying to provide a “safe space” for children in war torn countries that have to walk through active minefields in order to get to elementary school, maybe send some of those “caring” people to put some “trigger warnings” on every land mine they find. Sadly, this would actually accommodate education in both this country and in the third world, so it is unlikely that it will get any support.

If this “triggered” you, it looks like society is not a “safe space” for you and you should look for an alternative like the ones mentioned above.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sexto Revision 7??

Just kidding!

This is as far as I got. I sorted things out roughly and gave up. No pretty Epub. Probably missing things. No editing or consolidating done. It got out of hand, and I've been quite far removed from this sort of thing for a while. It's in sad shape, but maybe a bit more accessible than trying to find and then read all the blog posts and comments.

Sexto Revision 6 + 7?

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Needs of a Nation and the Luxury of Charity

If you aren’t a nationalist you are actively committing traitorous subversion against your country and your fellow countrymen. In most other places in the world, the ideology is nationalism, and this means putting your own people and your own country before the the people of the world. By having open arms and putting the people of the world before your own people, you gain nothing, and can lose everything, as these people of the world are still nationalists, and still put their own country and their own people before your own.

This includes attempting to put your country below their own, the rights of their people above the rights of your people, the liberty of their people above your own, and the freedom of their people above your own. People of the developed world think that they have it so good, that they can extend their affluence to others around the world and they will be grateful, however, the people around the world all remember how the developed world became so affluent, through brutal and oppressive nationalism and imperialism. The people around the world seek to emulate these traits in order to emulate the successes of the 1st world, and it is foolish to think that these people want to emulate the “benevolence” of open arms.

These people will smile as they walk right into your open arms just to pickpocket you, rape you, or stab you to death. They do this because this is the golden rule. This is how the people of the world were treated by the first world for centuries, and of course they still remember. They will never forgive, and they will never forget. They will not rest until the glory of their people and their country has been restored through the same means that were used against them and painfully robbed them of their own power, dignity, freedom, independence, and sovereignty. These means of course are nationalism and imperialism.

Regardless of how they act, they are nationalists, because a human loves a country like his family, and is loyal to his country like their family. This is because a country truly is a person’s family, their genealogy and roots extend very deep into their homeland, their nation is their identity so much it physically defines their appearance. For them to abandon or forsake their country would be for them to forsake their own flesh and blood, their own family, and their own personage, mind, body, and spirit. This is a metaphorical form of suicide that few people would contemplate, only those driven to desperation by the misfortunes that are so cruel as to maim them enough to rob them of their own humanity.

While the USA may be the one exception in the world, in that is historically composed of immigrants, many of the immigrants have roots that run deep enough to form their own bloodline that is intertwined with their native land and country. Still, the USA is hardly different from the other 1st world countries, having ensured it’s global dominance and power through the cruel and firm hands of nationalism and imperialism, however much they may be disguised by the civility of the modernized forms of the traditional mindsets. This was because the founders of the country had reached the point of embittered severance with their oppressive homeland as displayed by the Revolutionary War, and through this fighting were able to establish their own heritage and form an national identity with which blood, soil, and country become intertwined.

Regardless of it’s unusual origins, this identity eventually proved to be strong enough to hold it’s own within the world. The nationalist agenda is simple: first, defend the country; second, empower the country. The reason people defend their allies is because it makes them stronger as a country, not because they “feel bad” for the people fighting in a war, or because they “Want to help.” As much as people may want to drum up arguments that any war was fought on moral grounds, this is nonsense, wars have all been fought because they fall in line with the nationalist agenda. America didn’t fight in WW2 because Hitler was immoral, they fought in WW2 in order to defend themselves against an obvious threat to their well being.

Even peoples that historically lacked a country like the Jews still had the same agenda, as they would simply look to defend their people and empower their people in place of a country.  This simple mentality can even be seen in organized crime and street gangs. This is because the mentality is one that respects the natural hierarchy of needs, first safety, then well being. People that attempt to defend all people in the world as equals are very foolish, because it is only due to the unfaltering feeling of safety that one feels in the developed world that people start to be delusional optimists thinking that the whole world wants to work together as one. People will work together if it leads to their own safety or well being, but reasonable people will not act solely on moral grounds when their actions do not benefit their own safety or well being.

The irony is that the humanists actively make decisions that jeopardize their safety and well being, and defend their decisions by citing moral grounds. This is an extremely foolish and childish reason to make a decision, because it is all risk and no reward, which can only be justified through fallacious logic that relies on feelings and emotions rather than actual grounds that can amount to a reward, such as increased safety, if one is in danger, or increased well being and affluence if one is already safe. As much as tragedy on a global scale is saddening, if attempting to resolve the tragedy is not in line with a country’s hierarchy of needs, then there is no logical reason for them to try to help, and this is why the USA and every other country is indifferent to the majority of the suffering and unrest in places like Africa, South America, and the Middle East, simply because their is no incentive to take action against the immorality.

This is the same reason why the businessman decides to go to work rather than help the homeless or feed all of the hungry children, it is completely impractical to attempt to do something out of moral means when there is nothing else to be gained, in this case, work offers money, which offers safety and well being, while moral actions do not. This is not to say that acting out of morality is a bad thing, but it is a much lower priority because it is obviously a luxury rather than a necessity. Only if all of the more important needs are met throughout the hierarchy of needs should any actions that are only justified through moral grounds be considered.

 Although the needs of a country are not the exact same as a human’s, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs demonstrates a very similar form of logic as nationalism, but on the personal level, rather than a national level. This would be a helpful chart to look at if one doesn’t understand the term in question.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Minimalistic Plotlines for the Sexto

Minimalistic Plotlines for the Sexto

Fields of Canaan and fighting in the middle east could be replaced by any theme or whatever, chose as you please. Here are a couple.

Even call it, “Pocket Confetti “ with 1 bit guys you can just say you are a Confetti God and you have to make your own confetti, it can be hard, but if your confetti can be strong it can win the Confetti Fight! It’s the same game but it’s just using Confetti as the lore, the struggle of existing as confetti. E for everyone. Even magical confetti, fire confetti, technology confetti. Amazing!

This one is a classy the Mormon infomercial plot.

Even roll it into 3d, get the ranged weapons, get the realm portal, summoning, open world PvP, simultaneous RTS in your village,  as much or as little of the classic game as desired, it doesn’t matter. As much as it may seem like DnD the dungeon master was always the dice. Single player, local multiplayer, free app, many elements can be managed on all sorts of devices, phone, PC, video game console, which could all interlink for an immersive experience. Ease of access, just lay out lots of plans and give orders over time, workers work themselves, like seeding but being able to play indifferently and not lose much, just laying out plans for broad stretches of time, build this here and all of these things in these places, make this many of that. Build your own towers, fill them with your guys, fight other peoples towers randomly trying to match the raiders as close as possible to strength to a tower they are fighting through the random find a tower orb or something one of your villagers uses, even just brawl style multiplayer from a summoning wizard.

Build your own summoning wizards and offer to summon people to your own arena, you can pray to god to make your wizard stronger, or just have a magic orb that does this. You found the orbs in the woods. You have to put them in a hat  with a rock in order to make them work, you happened to have a hat, the starting mayor has to have a hat, it happened to be sunny outside.

Amazing plot action. Wow.You can find plenty of orbs. You don’t even have to look for them, it can be cinematic, you just find these orbs in a bush and boom, the game starts. So many viewpoints because the interwoven genres have their own appeal and it allows a perspective to give depth to the game by having isolated events with few characters compared to the global fighting of normalcy. Throw in the tunnels, the towers, boom, one more color than pokemon, the character development of an RPG, town building like sim-city, military like RTS games, however much one wants to try to throw together. So much groundbreaking intricacy broad spectrum of gameplay. You can make your own skin packs and custom maps, single player, multiplayer, and online in many forms, so many games. Shazam.

Plot Lines part 2~
life RPG, make it realistic but still so colorful and magical. Be a spider, be anything all shapes and sizes.

Colorful Tree Animals, your people were spiders, web was always nice, fitting of the area. but your man was also anything that could climb a tree, because it was, two trees, your man walls were actually trees combatants can climb like ladders, and each roll width was cut into 3 pieces, rolled by 3 1d6 for each length of a square meter of tree fighter area or however, and rolled 1d6 on the other side of the tree for living, take a number of 1d6 for % of the tree in branches, or it was one big tree of any rollings, roll the dice to see how many dice you roll and roll the dice 1d6 total width of tree; 1d6 length of branches; time of day, as the branches move to the sun; location of earth, even have the trees based on real tree’s, you can even just be people, small people with the same gripping realistic physics, but just a giant tree, if you really liked people. But still this plot line would dazzle people. you are forest critters and just happen to be very productive and do all of the RTS things. Even find some stones and put them in a hat with a seer’s stone and become a Canaanite to take up arms in Canaan or you were an ocean animal ironically stuck to the floor of the sea, because the whale was dead the whole time, because it doesn’t matter that the whale was dead the whole time.

you and some tree people are walking in the woods, Jesus walks up to you says “Fuck you! Fuck all your god damn trees!”  the sets fire to the trees and drowned the world of the tree people, and the rapture occurred and the pure were turned into angles and everyone else drowned but none could escape the flooding and the angles were sea creatures and then the legions of hell were angered and possessed the dead bodies of the dead tree people and they corrupted into vengeant demons and undead fighting the angles, but because your soul always had to escape into the ocean projects where it was somehow possible to drive cars underwater, but still, you could breathe this polluted air to gain that affluence it affords, loving the city, but you recognize the building you are in with yourself with you see yourself with your eyes rolled back coming to from that big razzle dazzle of powder still around your nose as you realize you were a sea animal in the projects, you fight off these thugs trying to rob you of whatever small weaponry you could accustom yourself to, you somehow defend yourself and find yourself living the life similar to blade runner, but underwater, as there was no undeveloped land, but there was more developed land, and that quality was esteemed, it was classy to be that legit. With the motivation to live and overdrive from the powder you manage to fight off these thugs, you see Jesus coming through the walls, the men are dead, look him dead, run to the closet, and get the hat and the seer’s stone and put the orb in, and you say Jesus “I shall enslave the followers of your God and any of that care to defend them for millennia, the loss of my peoples native lands shall never be forgotten.” ; “I am God!” ; You throw some powder from around the room into in the hat and use the seer’s stone to ignite in a dark flash out of the hat which darkens the room but lasts just a second, Jesus doesn’t flinch and still glows in the darkness, you instinctively pull on your handgun, as he pulls one out from behind his robe, and shoots you multiple times before you can get your gun up, he walks up to you still shooting, he leans over you, as your bleeding out he is starts burning of fire through the blood, “Now I’ve got one more silver dollar.” and he reloads his gun and puts his gun between your eyes. “Burn in hell.” they both say at the same time, as jesus pulls the trigger and it goes black.
    “Which one were you”
    “Pick Jesus/ The sea creature; If they pick Jesus, it says “no, you were the sea creature”. “What kind of sea creature were you really? Everyone is not the Shark they think they are.
    “Did Jesus like you”
    “Yes/No, if no; “Jesus loves you.”
    You slowly wake up and you can see through the portal that Jesus came in sitting in the woods and there are a number of spheres on the ground, and some small stones around them. Still an undead sea creature, you crawl to the spheres and you put them in the hat and wave the stone in front of them and a blast of light comes out of the hat and starts to rapidly burn away the flesh of the undead shark like sea person, the balls ask you, who were you again, you can chose to live the life of tree animals, confetti, blade runner, even sports, canaan, anything. Even just go back and realize that you were sitting on the couch still, and your dead self was just in the portal, like blade runner. You tell the man to get you a lemon, and you put it in the hat, and you moved a rock about between it, and you can use the lemon and a small rock to posses the orb and then manipulate the orb. “When life gives you lemons.”  and that sphere can warp your mind to other places and other realms, find all the types of people around the land, fight a snake, fight a bird, be a spider; Arcade games, classic games, all the genres, while still having a plot line as this aquatic animal in the underwater ganglands, bladerunner was one of the far less intensive game modes, so idle time could be spent doing plenty of things, even sports, anything with that is realistic, because the animals were so anthropomorphic it was just like human society, basically like GTA with some of the Sims survival, but with Sea Creatures and magic in an expansive and lawless land with gang kingdoms or just random neutral units, with all sorts of side games. It’s more like the midwest rather than the projects, unless it was heavily populated beforehand, it could just be some sets of neutral creatures that are fairly nomadic at first, but the player could develop it overtime. The neutral AI could be restructured to stack all of their buildings on top of each other for a set amount of time, and position them right next to each other, along the street lines, this would be easy, just have every new set of a neutral units that builds a settlement, build an additional one near or adjacent to their original settlement or the founders original settlement. Urban buildings like apartments, housing and other buildings could be added on top of and around the common infrastructure of places.

 You could always wake up and just be an aquatic area swimming around in the ocean, or a bird flying in the sky, fighting other birds by the traditional means of weaponry and magic. Flying around, who doesn’t love to fly in a game, quality means of flying and fighting in the sky with birds. Synergize with the tree people and become well equipped to fight off other birds. Hand guns, bows, swords, magic, armor, magical weapons and armor, everything a bird needs to do well in the world, even just go fight tree people if you are bored. Go fight for the land armies of the classic game, anything thanks to the magic orbs you found in the woods.
    The game can have a hardcore RPG mode, with heavy strategy and town building elements where your tower combatants die if they die in the tower. The original game is pretty hardcore originally, the units would die in the field and they would be dead, even though they could be summoned with necromancy, bringing people back to live as living people was difficult and tiring. Arcade characters could just be used in the games without any sort of wandering RPG or Strategy elements, collecting rewards from combating people in the arcade. Confetti people is always nice.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Super Smash Style Sexto Tower Climbing Survival Fighter Game

Sexto Super Smash style Sexto Tower Climbing Survival Fighter Game
(this is me trying to make the original game into something that is more feasible.)

This game would look a lot like Icy Tower, constantly climbing the levels of a tower, but the speed would not get faster, instead the fighters would get stronger.

Rather than dying like normal, the objective is to knock the opponents off of the tower, and not get knocked off yourself. Player’s don’t lose health, but rather gain damage taken, where 10% of damage taken is multiplied against knock backs that afflict the unit.

Being a 2d game that is side first, the character would move up down left and right, rather than north south east west, so movement could easily be applied for jumping in this game as if it were moving normally.

Each attack has a knockback power that is equal to it’s strength in resources, but all the other elements of the simple game and useful ones of the original remain. The knockback can be customized as to whichever direction it was going as usual.

A player could learn 4 attacks and 4 spells, which would make a reasonable amount of sense because of the 4 keyboard directions. One could also try 4/8/12/16 spells and have pages of a spell book to hold 4 spells and rotate through.

Players would still regain movement, AP/MP, and otherwise function in the traditional way, with the home village kind of thing from the simple version returning. Players would create their own fighters, weapons, armor, and spells as normal, and a given the same level select method.

Pick a single color, if you beat that color, you open the 2nd level of the tower defined by one of the previous resource and the choice to use any of the 16 colors for a second color

so beating 1 red opens up the 2nd level of red, where the first resource is red, and the second can be any of the 16, so level 2 red blue tower would have enemies composed of  50% red ad 50% blue resources, if you beat that, you can get to the third level, where the 1st is red, the 2nd is blue, and the 3rd is any of the 16. Beating the level 2 red blue tower does not open up level 2 blue for say level 2 blue blue tower normally, as one would have to beat level one blue to access the second level. Not that it would matter in this case, because Level 1 blue and level 2 blue are both 100% blue, but it would open up level 3 Blue^2 Green or anything like that, with 66% blue and 33% green.

The color of the tower platforms would be the same as the color of the level. There could also be diagonal and vertical platforms as opposed to just horizontal ones.

You gain winnings by killing opponents as you progress up the tower, Their bodies fall to the ground and your villagers collect them for you. This would be the way resources are mainly collected, with other options traditional options like farming and mining either replaced by this in the name of the struggle. Foods and such can still be farmed, but collecting resources from tree farms or animals for weapons and armor might make it too easy. If you get knocked off, you still keep what you were able to win from the tower, and your town healer revives you.

Multiplayer could be done 1v1 or with multiple people. Levels could be random or custom created. Co-op is possible. The levels could be fairly wide for a single player or co-op game, but also have options for wider levels with a smaller celling for versus games. People could also pick 3 fighters from their village to have instead of stocks, in case their color got blindly countered by their opponent’s pick.

The number enemies per tower would seem to make sense at 256, with the distribution layer out in the earlier simple form,  The boss chamber would be at the top, and it could have 16 or so extra platform-levels of space to maneuver around while the mini-boss chambers could be on the side of the level somehow, also perhaps 12 platform-levels of space for each, both The quarter-boss wouldn’t have it’s own chambers, but would appear randomly like the other enemies. I say “chamber” but these are not enclosed spaces, but just the area to fight the boss.

The fighter shapes wold be like a tall 2x1 proportional fighter running around. Rolling could be useful here to turn your character into a 1x1 square for a short time and roll in a direction in an attempt to dodge something.

The perspective and style of these games means that players can jump through the platforms to reach the higher ones, as well as descend through some platforms by (double) crouching. This might make sense if the platforms went up like stairs in the tower. In multiplayer arenas, it could be modified to the player’s choice to allow for passable and impassable floors. Endless stairwells could look boring, but with the lack of walls on account of the gameplay, there should be enough open air and scenery to allow for inviting backdrops like nature scenes or something. Anything from clouds to floating rocks could be used, each color could have it’s own type of platform.

The towers and boss chambers would be randomly generated, characters would walk on the diagonal slopes up to a certain slope 4/3 or something. There would always be a way up to the top of the tower, and should be plenty of room to run around. It should be possible to go down the tower, rather than just up. The enemies randomly generated like before. Some spells like tame animal wouldn’t be given to the enemies, but most of them should be useful.

Another type of multiplayer would be defend a custom made tower with a crew composed of your villagers, people filling out the level range of the combatants close to the standard form for a challenger, but given freedom on the colors they use for the units and platforms.

There is plenty of room to expand on this, and once again, this is me trying to make the original game into something that is more feasible.

Update :

The ability to regain movement after a waiting leads to the scenario of being knocked off the tower and slowly falling back towards the tower not to die, for that reason, the death zone could be one tower width on either side.

An alternative way to play this is without the bonus knockback and instead having people die normally, but that wouldn’t be as fulfilling as knocking people out of a tower.

Basic attacks could by default become AoE attacks, with 3 tiles of area adjacent area hitbox. Heavy attacks could have up to 6, as they take twice as long. This opens the door to slashing and poking galore.

Ranged weapons and spells are up in the air, but it should be easy enough to block projectiles. They should move at about the same speed as a person or maybe 150% or 200% the speed of a person. Melee spells could function with the same style as a normal attack, where terrain targeting spells like napalm could function as ranged or melee

At this rate this form of the game seems like a Super Smash RPG with some Town Building elements with all the crafting and unit production that goes on. It also seems fairly accessible by removing the constraint of managing an empire while commanding massive amounts of unit, and instead doing the city management at a different time than the fighting, and only controlling one guy at a time.

The field based previous Diablo style simplification could be incorporated into this one as a way to capture/recruit fighters to fill your ranks and towers, and allow you access to more characters. Food and plants can also be harvested from the field based game, which would make those parts useful in this tower game as opposed to just farming for them.

Regarding the “Hex base” before in the Diablo style simplification of wandering around fields, that might not make much since because there are only four keyboard directions, but it could also be a point and click style movement on an open field, or a 360 degree rotating guy.

Update 2

For jumping, one would likely designate a certain amount of movement that one spends to jump, i.e. 4 movement. In the classic game, one could jump, but a tall 1x2 guy could jump only one 1x1 square up, so that wouldn’t be useful here. By having a set amount that one jumps, then one could be given the option to double jump in the air, using the same amount of movement again if they have it.

Movement points in this case would be stamina, which limits the amount you can sprint, jump, attack, block, roll and regenerates over time based on one’s stats. Some of the stats might need to be tweaked, but most of the turn based regeneration can be converted into a per-second regeneration by the same scales.


Stamina for blocking could be valued at 2x health as a baseline, with a % bonus based on strength. If an attack is able to remove all of your stamina when you block, then you take whatever damage is leftover towards health and is given a knockback.

At 256 “floors” per tower, with a clean number of enemies like 256, this would mean that there is an enemy on every floor which would not give people much room to maneuver. So 512 floors for 256 enemies could work better, giving the player a bit of room to move around or find a random doodad for cover. Doodads could be like a clock or table that provides cover, or even a chair or other small things that could be used as weapons.

A way to play it more traditional and realistically, would be to have ladders going from one floor to the next, where a player 2x1 player can only jump half of it’s height. There could be more methods of movement between floors like trapdoors, chain zip-line like things, playing out like a strategic game of shoots and ladders. The knockback would be optional, but could be reduced in strength to make it more realistic, or with normal style death, just a learnable spell.

Some spells may not have a realistic feeling, because the amount of energy something can put into it, but if you are a strong hero with 128 resource weight attacking a small thing like an 8 resource unit, you can knock it back something like 8 or 16 body lengths as a baseline before rollings, but realistically this thing being so small would likely be a chicken or a small child, which a strong person could displace a similar distance. The original style of the game was a bit cartoony with all of the magic and things, but the numbers can be tweaked to give a more realistic or arcade style experience.

I still have no idea what the damage numbers look like in practice, as I am not a computer, but if they are too high with too many multipliers, then some bonuses can be halved, as color and element all only increase damage, halving these would reduce some effectiveness to 50%, and leave only 200% bonus as the high point. If they are too low, multipliers may get out of hand so something like 100/X multiplier where X is the amount of damage done might make sense. Just throwing shots in the dark right now honestly.

(trying to keep this all in one post for now, the comments part  of the previous posts became a bit excessive)

~~~Update 3

The number of normal enemies and quarter bosses could scale with the number of players, so if you had 4 person co-op, there would be 4x as many enemies. The mini-bosses and boss could be maybe 150/225/300% more health and maybe 150/175/200% more resources with 2/3/4 people, but having more than one in the chamber might be tough because of the amount of abilities and bonus strength the guy has.

A way to convert health into  knockback bonus from being damaged that wouldn’t make one’s natural health impertinent is to have health remain normal, but when it drops below 0, one accumulates negative health, and the absolute value of your negative health is the basis for the knockback bonus.

The negative health can’t be healed off by healing abilities, because otherwise having a strong healer is just an easy way to never die. Most spells are already very strong, like debuffing and crowd control so having supporting characters in a multiplayer game would hard to stop. In a 4 person game, the creeps could try to come in groups of 4 at a time, just because 4v1 with control spells and debuffs is never really fair or challenging unless the enemy is like a boss and 2-3 times more powerful than the fighters.

~~ Classic update
(Classic) - In order to address the issue of starting disparity, the terrain color roll of player color units against tiles in the pure player color area that the player starts in is always a 2, this is because all of the units of a player that would roll a 1 for terrain roll against it’s own color would have only 25% of the natural movement that a player color that has a terrain color roll of 4. This would be true until the player could expand into mixed color areas and that can take a while, especially if your starting movement was gimped. If you roll color roll against resource nodes etc, that is still also always a 2 in the pure player color area for the player of that player color.

100% roll the color of the tower tiles, roll the number, on a size, even roll the size again, flip roll to see if it lives, if it is needed it lives, 1/x tiles with a quality roll to get the winner of the live saving contest, if it doesn’t work because your gravity has low bonus, then you still keep the one for trying and make another one, by the same method as to making the jumps and climbs possible, the the number of random objects, roll the gravity % 1d10 because 100% is funny, roll the speed boost, even a half speed boost, roll the player to tower width ratio, roll native damage multiplier, roll anything, roll the angle of the tile

However realistic one wanted to make it, it wouldn’t matter, it would function with the realism of high gravity and a small person, with the ladder rolls being 1d10, at 10 these you could walk through rather than on, and could take you upward, a ladder if you will, and 0 was the floor, all others were a slope you can take it contra and, roll 1d10 for number of cases in a stairwell, or something, take it 3d man, roll it all again, to get that 3rd dimension, its a catamaran of stairs and halls. You could call it tunnels in the darkness, and just say the slope goes down, always negative slope so the tunnels just get deeper, roll plenty of objects.

Walking on walls was fine if the gravity was weak, you can still be knocked into them like the stairs, floors, and walls if there are any,

Stairs would be

, you can have powder winds and rain of anything, fire or life by, pray to your god if it might throw you an item, have a choice roll of your faith and 1/y roll to a god, and that god could give you food or drink or , summon gang members from your towns ghettowell because the water was all gangs and you knew the whole time, or a person, but so was the fire,  I’m pretty sure when you shoot fire at somebody, you are really shooting gang members on top of the fire, so you can summon your select gang members from your well of water as a spell to attack the guy. If you didn’t have any armed people in the water willing to attempt to attack within the water they wouldn’t be able to do anything. But still then you remembered the water was invaded by a terrible water wizard who slipped in on way of invisibility and has now come to steal a a quantity of water with his magical ability, taking it into the air, i tell you, no such magic exists to do so without tremendous effort, “i tell you”,he says “ these are starships, not water, my friend, and you know this. “ , he breaks the giant globe of water into 8 clear shapes as they blur into starships as the land behind him fades into the darkness of space and he flies away. You send a bird to chase the water that was veering away, still not completely transformed due to the length that they descend into the darkness. These starships could replace the gang aspect of the game if censorship was an issue. People could fly around inside of them, and control them with powerful enough water magic, but the piece of water would have a weight of all of it’s interior when it interacted with things, while still being the same amount of water. Even fly around with the 3d component. Starships function the same way with people inside of them, and this alternative reality could also be opted for if people desired. Starships even behave like water, pieces move around randomly between being adjacent to one another. Summoning a spaceship, well, that doesn’t make as much sense as water, but it could still be water, but it was a spaceship in another realm. If not a spaceship, say, a giant space station, and each player was a spaceship, because i guess they couldn’t be gang members either. If they came into this dimension by jumping off of the fire, they would be people, space pirates even, whatever. If you summon a magical car, still it will be a car, but it would be a car from the gang members dimension. The gang aspect is because of the natural urban/midwest style sprawl of the water, where gang warfare would be the most likely when compared to feudal war or something. ,  You can fly over there and use your water magic and make yourself a ship to chase him.

got spell block with the shield, got spell reflect with health and ability costing the same in damage, knockback the projectile, melee ability,

even roll it into 3d, get the ranged weapons, get the realm portal, summoning, open world PvP, simultaneous RTS in your village,  as much or as little of the classic game as desired, it doesn’t matter. As much as it may seem like DnD the dungeon master was always the dice. Single player, local multiplayer, free app, many elements can be managed on all sorts of devices, phone, PC, video game console, which could all interlink for an immersive experience. Ease of access, just lay out lots of plans and give orders over time, workers work themselves, like seeding but being able to play indifferently and not lose much, just laying out plans for broad stretches of time, build this here and all of these things in these places, make this many of that. Build your own towers, fill them with your guys, fight other peoples towers randomly trying to match the raiders as close as possible to strength to a tower they are fighting through the random find a tower orb or something one of your villagers uses, even just brawl style multiplayer from a summoning wizard.

Build your own summoning wizards and offer to summon people to your own arena, you can pray to god to make your wizard stronger, or just have a magic orb that does this. You found the orbs in the woods. You have to put them in a hat  with a rock in order to make them work, you happened to have a hat, the starting mayor has to have a hat, it happened to be sunny outside.

Amazing plot action. Wow.You can find plenty of orbs. You don’t even have to look for them, it can be cinematic, you just find these orbs in a bush and boom, the game starts. So many viewpoints because the interwoven genres have their own appeal and it allows a perspective to give depth to the game by having isolated events with few characters compared to the global fighting of normalcy. Throw in the tunnels, the towers, boom, one more color than pokemon, the character development of an RPG, town building like sim-city, military like RTS games, however much one wants to try to throw together. So much groundbreaking intricacy broad spectrum of gameplay. You can make your own skin packs and custom maps, single player, multiplayer, and online in many forms, so many games. Shazam.