Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Story of the Holocaust

The Story of the Holocaust

Before WW2, the Russians said “Jews, you can only live in the area around Poland, it is illegal for you to live anywhere else.” When the Russians won WW2 and took over Poland and eventually captured Berlin, they found many prison camps, and these had many prisoners. Most of the dead people were Russian POWs that the Germans didn’t want liberated so they killed them en masse, knowing that the war was basically lost and the liberated POWs would ensure this.

With the mass graves full of unidentified people in the prison camps as the basis of the argument, the Russians inflated the number of dead Jews in order to increase sympathy for the people, in an attempt to get the Jews their own country far away from Europe and the USSR. This was largely to move a large portion of the Jewish population out of the now Soviet controlled Poland area, because nobody wants the Jews living in their country except for maybe the Capitalist Exile Haven that is the USA. This plan worked, and the Russians were able to export much of the undesirable Jewish population out of the now Soviet Poland and surrounding areas and into Palestine.

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