Friday, April 1, 2016

The discrimination of House Bill 2

The thing that gets me about House Bill 2, is that it only perpetuates discrimination. The current bathroom model only accommodates homosexual predators, and by supporting House Bill 2, people are reinforcing this model with the bias in favor of homosexual predators.

The Ordinance in Charlotte would accommodate transsexual predators who simply desire to prey on people with the same gender identity as themselves, a step in the direction of tolerance, even though it is still arguably homosexual predation. The true egalitarian measure would allow all predators to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their preference, regardless of their sexual identity.

House Bill 2 is blatantly trying to accommodate the sexual predators who prefer transexuals, rather than accommodate all predators. While I do not know what percent of sexual predators are transsexual, it is common knowledge that homosexual predators are a reality, and House Bill 2 is doing nothing but expanding the rights of homosexual predators by giving them the right to prey on people of their same sex AND transexual people.

How many unsolicited surprise rim-jobs at the urinal and reach-arounds at the YMCA is it going to take for people to realize that all predators should be given the rights to predate based upon their sexual preference, instead of solely accommodating the homosexual predator community?