Friday, May 27, 2016

The Implications of a Trump Presidency

Everyone that is concerned with the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency should be at ease. The public facade of the government is ultimately powerless in the face of the shadow government and the illuminati, so little if anything will actually be accomplished by traditional methods. The real point of speculation is what “tragedy” the shadow government has planned if Trump gets elected.

George W. Bush had the black flag 9/11 terror attacks appropriately timed to spur the nation into supporting the War on Terror in order to avenge his father’s loss in the Gulf War to the formidable Saddam Hussein, and Barack had the unprecedented number of black flag mass shootings in an attempt to garner support for his anti-gun legislation.

If Trump is elected, it seems likely that there would be an increase in the precedence of organized Latin crime in the United States in order to provide some grounds for the antagonization of Hispanic people. This would be things like drug smuggling, murders, and the typical things, which could bring more accessible and cheaper cocaine just to allow for more noteworthy drug busts, and to use the rising statistics to sully the otherwise fairly peaceful cartels. Trump may even start a War on the Cartels, in order to usurp power from the Cartels and allow the shadow government to take full control of the highly profitable and criminal controlling illegal drug trade like they have attempted to in the past.

On top of this, there would easily be much legislature that is in favor of powerful businesses and companies, which is ultimately an amazing thing, as the plebeian that makes minimum wage flipping burgers is shamelessly unimportant when compared to the businesses and corporations that make the USA a very powerful political and economic power throughout the world, and thus their “needs” should be close to the bottom of any list of priorities, next to prisoners.

 Even the interests of the working classes of the second and third world are much higher on the list of priorities, because unlike the entitled American waste man, people from the second and third world are willing to work very hard for a very small amount of money, realizing that any opportunity that provides them even a small bit of comfort and security is worth it, because comfort and security are very expensive luxuries, which is a fact that many American wage slaves and drones cannot seem to comprehend.

If Hilary gets elected, expect more shameless black flag attempts to push for liberal legislature. Of course the shadow government wouldn’t do anything that is against their own interests, so these things are not actually in support of the candidates themselves, but rather things that allow the shadow government to siphon more power, by disarming civilians, toppling Middle Eastern powers in order to gain more savory oil prices, or any of the many arguably unsavory things that they do in order to increase their power that would look a bit shameless were the US Show Government openly admitting to doing.

All in all the lesson is obvious, the best choice for president in the 2016 election is Mark Cuban, we would see a golden age in terms of the talent amassed by the Dallas Mavericks, allowing them time to mature with multiple playoff runs in the waning years of the Cuban presidency. The shadow government could even start a eugenics program to create basketball players that rivals that of China, who’s eugenics program has produced superstars like Yao Ming. Although he said he would not be president, he is open to being a Vice Presidential candidate, so remember, a vote for Mark Cuban is a vote for peace, and a vote for quality professional basketball.

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