Sunday, June 26, 2016

Allegorical Opium: Society’s Crippling Addiction to Welfare State Socialism

People that want to be alive, really should understand that being alive is something that is earned through a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication, regardless of what people in an American society might think, where the privilege of being alive is handed to everyone like it is a brochure for a shitty tourist trap.

Professional Athletes wanted to be professional athletes, but that is not why they are professional athletes. These people put in a tremendous amount of work to master the elements required to become a professional, regardless of however naturally talented they are, they didn’t simply smoke marijuana and carry a sign saying that they demand to be a professional athlete, in order to become one.

The sort of thinking of protestors and sign carrying rabble rousers is the mentality of a child. The child complains, screams, and throws tantrums if it does not get what it wants. This mentality is ridiculable and shameless. Rewarding this sort of mind set and course of action is literally the powers that be instilling the pavlovian conditioning in the commoner that rewards them for carrying signs and screaming, rather than rewarding them for their hard work and the justifiability of their lives. To accommodate that sort of action is to support adults that act like spoiled indignant children, when the conditioning should reward them for working selflessly for the common good.

Regardless of how terrible life is in third world countries, most of the time nobody goes out and riots or protests with signs. This is because in these places there is no establishment to reward this kind of behaviour. It is completely unnatural for anyone to be rewarded for this, naturally, if the person complains about how the work is hard and unrewarding and so refrain from doing any of it, these people die form starvation because they plant no crops to harvest, or they die from the cold because they have no shelter from the rain. 

People in the less developed parts of the world understand this, yet somehow this basic knowledge has escaped many people in developed nations, largely due to being raised with so much luxury and ease of life, that to them, a world without that luxurious life that is handed to them in a nonchalantly without any expectations attached is unthinkable. On top of this, people actually complain viciously about the system that coddles the indignant masses and supports their cries of the “unfairness” of how they don’t get things like higher education and healthcare for free, when people around the world that don’t even have access to clean water or modern medicine are willing to work for 10 hours a day to make enough money to get by. 

The reason that they do this is because they want to survive, and not only this, but they know what is means to survive, and they know what it takes to survive. People in the developed world live in a sort of perpetual childhood where things are consistently handed to them, they don’t know much if anything about where they came from or what it take to make them, but they like what they are given and so they childishly expect to get what they want. It is thinking like this that deludes their sense of the world and how it functions. Children act this way because they are accustomed to it, and don’t have the capacity to understand much of the way the world works. It is acceptable for a child to act like this because of the extremely limited knowledge capacity and labor capacity of a small child. However, it is inexcusable for adults to have this mentality of a small child when it comes to being a part of society. 

The parts of the world that still understand this continue to thrive to this day. The parts of the world that don’t struggle under the weight of their obligations to their own socialistic welfare state policies that inevitably continue to condition this dysfunctional mentality. Still, it is clear that the aforementioned policies act much like heroin to these people, who continue to chase the dragon, developing tolerance to the welfare, then seeking higher doses of the welfare. Sadly, it is not the beneficiaries that suffer the crippling effects of collapsing veins, abscesses, and infections caused by the abuse of the drug, but it is the benefactor that faces these woes. 

This is not to say that the allegorical opium has no use, or is pure evil. Much like modern medical opium, there are many practical and extremely viable uses of such a powerful substance, it is simply that when doled out in a willy nilly manner or as an attempted panacea that societies run into the crippling problems that allegorically parallel the problems many people abusing heroin and prescription opiates face on a daily basis. 

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