Thursday, July 28, 2016

Bleacherball and possible advancements of sporting simulation

Because on the other hand, within Canaan there were next-gen sports. You can take a game of football, and from there, apply any other style of gameplay, RTS football, Turn Based Football, RPG football.

Even steal the yam into your gentile fellows with automatic rifles being idle in their truck, enjoying themselves. You had found heard that somebody found a yam, and you must undertake the challenge of stealing the yam. Of course in this day and age, you undertake the tense of buying the yam, look, enamored by the apparent splendor of the pirate. Say “Care to sell me that yam, sir?” ; “Yes.” ; “Let me see it.” ; “O.K” he holds it out to you, eyeing at you to look at the yam. Others had heard of this yam, others with guns, shooting in the distance. Tense bits of time before they arrived saying “I will buy your yam, good sir”, a bit of banter of who might, and being taken into fear “I was going to plant the yam.” a random gunshot in the background startles the tired man, being tired from holding the large yam out for the people to see, he drops the yam, discontented, but determined to safely pick up the yam. Certain conditions met this man on a yamscape dull and empty, it was odd, many people had heard of this yam, in the search. Thus the game commenced of the unarmed people chasing the yam, trying to get it into their vehicle, while attempting to stop the others from getting the yam into the opponents bag, including one friendly hostage. Or the yam was a fish on ice, or even just swimming, or it was a grenade and shots burst out before it everyone was out of ammo, and the dead man’s grenade is now in tell, trying with the fellows remaining trying to lob a successful throw into the opponents car.

You just slew a petty insult towards a stranger talking to somebody, pretending you know the other person once he reacts. You boast something, flexing. The man responds, coming in with dukes up, attempting to look like he was correcting his correcting his cuff-links and collar. You tap the man in and yours and you both back up from each other, staring eye to eye. Taunting or working any sort of crowd that had gathered, however public the entrance was.

Somebody says, bleacher ball, there are probably plenty of basketball court or larger sized sets of bleachers as seen on the sidelines of the popular sports fields, these could be used courts be used as courts for the sport of basketball taking place on a more challenging game on a plane of stairs with impressive hurdles. Other games like football were also played.

Because big hits into the stairs or down the stairs were so frequent, they used crisper DNA to create spiders that would lay spider eggs as normal, but also create person eggs, occasionally, like a rare chance that the two recessive genes would randomly meet in the wild, less than 1/4ˆ2, on account of a slight chance of random death. But sometimes a random fully developed person would come out of this amebic egg, growing as unicellular organisms would. The wildlife in water world had been modified to be useful human organs, these things would send in a 3d-printed GMO computer auto assembly virus, to control the mind of the wild animal. Because wait, remember when God Flooded the Earth, or was that a prophecy all along. Aliens would visit water worlds because there was nothing to crash into only dive into the depths. But sadly, humans had learned the secrets of the sea lab and readily lived underwater. This thing was a spider, but given a sample bit of hand dna, and it grew some hands, It also loved to ball, it was more intense and since the spider was more agile with its legs.

But still,

Football 40 meter sprints, one man with the ball, one on D, if you are an asshole you make the guy run the length of the field just for fun, because the loser does a hill sprint, which was a truck escape ramp, you have to run backwards on the way down. You have to race somebody, the other lane had put another person along side you, the loser wold oblige the next two losers in hill sprints at, not more than half of the people get out, so only the man who finishes first in the 3 man race is allowed out. If there are 4 people, then two people get out. If the one of the guys has already run two, those of you you get to do more for less you can backpedal it, high knees, or high kick it, even be creative, whatever was most common for the position. If you were the beaten child you do power clean overhead press long jumps with a medicine ball or something for the ramp. Because you deserved to lose, you always lose if you get ejected.

There was also running the stairs while doing the Russian twist with a medicine ball the stairs with a medicine ball.. If your stairway can only hold two people, Running sideways up the stairs of course.

no longer like an outdoor field, but it was a nonsensically strong but cloth like tarpaulin covered with a field, sadly, not even artificial today, because the mechanical powerhouse of the laser 3d printer, the structure was intelligently designed and could transfer the water nutrients from an area while collecting plants on the top in an organized way, while on the bottom, more plants can be grown. An interior sac was able to collect rainwater and recycle it, a necessity in the world where many aquifers were too dry to draw water from. All of this create by the accurate assembly of the futuristic machine.

but it was all a game and every  RPG element comes into play because you’ve got to do all of the staying alive part of the game, eating and what not. Your skills only develop through work and experience just like the all RPG, so you’ve got to play games and practice to increase your skill in throwing, running, tackling in case it could save the day. Because it was blade runner. The twist was that the game was only for motion capture, and you had to put in the aerobic training yourself, because it was an online RPG. Or otherwise you had to go about in the standard way one would accrue more statistical worthiness in the game. The irony was, in the RPG, the armor and weapons and people were all magic, but in the football game, the was no magic, and the armor would only protect against injuries. Or otherwise you assign training plans to the athletes to develop more aptitude for what they are doing at a reasonable speed. This is just like madden but you have to work from the bottom  up to gain your stats. The other thing is the RTS football, where you control every person on your team, the only real point of this next-gen sports was to try to expand on the consistent output of sports video games.

    This could be have more elements of Canaan, like having everyone only have steal powder spells, and powder would be acquired at points by making plays with less for the team making a good play, but still some. One would lose powder to their aggressor upon being hit or set back in yardage or score. The players could have a baseline statistical ranking, but powder would change their ability.  Even Charisma can still be used in talking to the ref. The real game would invoke a desire to  collect as many blessings as possible and perform nonsensical amount of rituals in order to be at peak performance, even if the parts of collecting armor and killing things in order to gain more statistical embodiment and finesse, so these things could easily be put aside in order to isolate the ideal sporting experience. My old game of words is truly a mess, but it has some potential still; sadly, i have left it idle for some time now on account of a lack of commitment  and inspiration to the project.

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