Friday, July 29, 2016

(Old) Sextodeath / Fields of Cannan Revival (Simple Indefinite Game Form)

(I have tried in short a few times to revitalize the game over the past, but I don’t think i published them. I had worked some on the revision, but it is not fully sorted, polished or well organized, on top of the fact that One short attempt a while back to simplify Sexto / Canaan into a more linear play style. The ironic thing about the game was the countless number of things that one had to micromanage in order to optimize things, which was impossible for one person to give optimum combat commands to hundreds, thousands, or more of units and laborers in real time. I did a bit of editing on this, just to try to clarify things in shorthand.)

Top Down Arcade style Sexto Hex based indefinite dungeon crawl  or rail shooter

Damage is simple. One resource accounting for damage is reading on color/element grid.

Simple cover. Level selection like Super mario brothers 3. Tree type, round robin of all colors possible.

Round robin tree, end level is a mix of all colors. Elements are possible. Element/ Color readout on side of screen based on target last hit.

Base- the person can build and upgrade a base and the world. Random weapons, armor, shells, spells etc. unlocked by bosses
Like 16 Interlocking wheels, you can lock the same color in multiple times as you progress. The enemies have that probability when selecting color of resources.

Enemies of 64 scaling person
32 - 64; bosses 256, mini-boss 128, quarter boss 96; Special 48-64

Boss equipment drops ~ random item, is random, but has same color chance. 64-96 for mini-boss and 96-128 for boss.

Normal guys, no ability, special guy is harder, 1 ability, drops food/drugs maybe. Quarter boss 2 ability, Mini-boss 3 ability, Boss - 4 ability. Random, possible predetermined set.

Level select-  Start out with pick a color, then after beating one color quarter boss, unlock two color select, etc.  (e.g pick a color, like SMB3 level select 16 choices, if beaten, it says “Creatures in this area seem to respect you, do you want to fight?” if no, then 16 more choices appear) You can chose the same cooler multiple times to increase density.

Doodads- Rock, tree, barrel/crate (destructible), log, pond (no cover)

Summoning~ normal guys only.  (Other players, but the possibility of summoning magic creatures is possible.)

Champion can have 4-5 spells.

Double dragon- melee only
Contra- ranged only
Hell- mixed (easily the only option because of ranged spells etc.)

\/Melee Outline\/
Shield can block, at a cost of stamina. Has a frame or two of (pre-attack) and post attack for melee,
 champion pre-attack would be one before and two after a heavy attack, 3 if out of stamina
normal attack has one after frame, two if out of stamina,
block has shield broken- 2 after frame.  (frame ~0.25 second?),
can block melee attacks with two handed weapon, but not arrows.

can parry attack in pre-frame to mitigate,

Carry 4 weapons? Classic armor slots?

Can change spells/wepaons/gear at base

Boss, fixed screen like in contra,
World, possibly diablo style random generation. key points are x distance from the start.

Units drop one of their resources consistently. To level up, X number of resources, if 64th resource in the item, it takes 64 of that resource to put it in, if 14th, it takes 14.

Level of champion determines the level of the map, they can choose to increase it, but not lower it.

Stats, weapon type, ability random on creeps / bosses.

Spells projectile aggressive spells, click target friendly spells. Spells can be blocked / counter-spelled to some effectiveness.

Counter-spell - spell attacks other spell, remainder continues

NPC style
Defensive- will block
agile- will dodge
aggressive- will parry

Special / Quarterboss- 2 of 3 , Boss and Mini boss  3 of 3

Health/Stamina/Magic ~ regenerates. 4 seconds is full restore of stamina, 8 seconds for magic. Stamina comes back at 50% rate if blocking. Traditional MP.

wind effects projectiles/spells

Player starts out level 1. Can pick color/type of resource.HP ~ 10 per resource on champ. 4 for Normal mobs, 8 special, 16 quarter-boss, 24- Mini-boss, 32 boss.

Terrain is colored based on the map, 75% chance to be of previous color, then even chance for the other colors. (So it is not random rainbow ground)

(Like always it is unfinished and unbalanced. This was my attempt to create a starting point if i was to try to fuck with programming, just something like a simpler version to expand upon. In the original game became difficult to remember all of the little things that were happening, let alone take time to eventually program.)

(extention. It would be possible to include things like different terrain heights and jumping around depending on the amount of perspective one can give with the graphics. This could be expanded to buildings. Player creation could be accomodated if buildings and things can be created because of the simple layout, things like looking out the window could be seen by giving the player the view outside, even though it was top down. Otherwise fields would work fine, the random doodads would provide texture and what not.)

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