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Super Smash Style Sexto Tower Climbing Survival Fighter Game

Sexto Super Smash style Sexto Tower Climbing Survival Fighter Game
(this is me trying to make the original game into something that is more feasible.)

This game would look a lot like Icy Tower, constantly climbing the levels of a tower, but the speed would not get faster, instead the fighters would get stronger.

Rather than dying like normal, the objective is to knock the opponents off of the tower, and not get knocked off yourself. Player’s don’t lose health, but rather gain damage taken, where 10% of damage taken is multiplied against knock backs that afflict the unit.

Being a 2d game that is side first, the character would move up down left and right, rather than north south east west, so movement could easily be applied for jumping in this game as if it were moving normally.

Each attack has a knockback power that is equal to it’s strength in resources, but all the other elements of the simple game and useful ones of the original remain. The knockback can be customized as to whichever direction it was going as usual.

A player could learn 4 attacks and 4 spells, which would make a reasonable amount of sense because of the 4 keyboard directions. One could also try 4/8/12/16 spells and have pages of a spell book to hold 4 spells and rotate through.

Players would still regain movement, AP/MP, and otherwise function in the traditional way, with the home village kind of thing from the simple version returning. Players would create their own fighters, weapons, armor, and spells as normal, and a given the same level select method.

Pick a single color, if you beat that color, you open the 2nd level of the tower defined by one of the previous resource and the choice to use any of the 16 colors for a second color

so beating 1 red opens up the 2nd level of red, where the first resource is red, and the second can be any of the 16, so level 2 red blue tower would have enemies composed of  50% red ad 50% blue resources, if you beat that, you can get to the third level, where the 1st is red, the 2nd is blue, and the 3rd is any of the 16. Beating the level 2 red blue tower does not open up level 2 blue for say level 2 blue blue tower normally, as one would have to beat level one blue to access the second level. Not that it would matter in this case, because Level 1 blue and level 2 blue are both 100% blue, but it would open up level 3 Blue^2 Green or anything like that, with 66% blue and 33% green.

The color of the tower platforms would be the same as the color of the level. There could also be diagonal and vertical platforms as opposed to just horizontal ones.

You gain winnings by killing opponents as you progress up the tower, Their bodies fall to the ground and your villagers collect them for you. This would be the way resources are mainly collected, with other options traditional options like farming and mining either replaced by this in the name of the struggle. Foods and such can still be farmed, but collecting resources from tree farms or animals for weapons and armor might make it too easy. If you get knocked off, you still keep what you were able to win from the tower, and your town healer revives you.

Multiplayer could be done 1v1 or with multiple people. Levels could be random or custom created. Co-op is possible. The levels could be fairly wide for a single player or co-op game, but also have options for wider levels with a smaller celling for versus games. People could also pick 3 fighters from their village to have instead of stocks, in case their color got blindly countered by their opponent’s pick.

The number enemies per tower would seem to make sense at 256, with the distribution layer out in the earlier simple form,  The boss chamber would be at the top, and it could have 16 or so extra platform-levels of space to maneuver around while the mini-boss chambers could be on the side of the level somehow, also perhaps 12 platform-levels of space for each, both The quarter-boss wouldn’t have it’s own chambers, but would appear randomly like the other enemies. I say “chamber” but these are not enclosed spaces, but just the area to fight the boss.

The fighter shapes wold be like a tall 2x1 proportional fighter running around. Rolling could be useful here to turn your character into a 1x1 square for a short time and roll in a direction in an attempt to dodge something.

The perspective and style of these games means that players can jump through the platforms to reach the higher ones, as well as descend through some platforms by (double) crouching. This might make sense if the platforms went up like stairs in the tower. In multiplayer arenas, it could be modified to the player’s choice to allow for passable and impassable floors. Endless stairwells could look boring, but with the lack of walls on account of the gameplay, there should be enough open air and scenery to allow for inviting backdrops like nature scenes or something. Anything from clouds to floating rocks could be used, each color could have it’s own type of platform.

The towers and boss chambers would be randomly generated, characters would walk on the diagonal slopes up to a certain slope 4/3 or something. There would always be a way up to the top of the tower, and should be plenty of room to run around. It should be possible to go down the tower, rather than just up. The enemies randomly generated like before. Some spells like tame animal wouldn’t be given to the enemies, but most of them should be useful.

Another type of multiplayer would be defend a custom made tower with a crew composed of your villagers, people filling out the level range of the combatants close to the standard form for a challenger, but given freedom on the colors they use for the units and platforms.

There is plenty of room to expand on this, and once again, this is me trying to make the original game into something that is more feasible.

Update :

The ability to regain movement after a waiting leads to the scenario of being knocked off the tower and slowly falling back towards the tower not to die, for that reason, the death zone could be one tower width on either side.

An alternative way to play this is without the bonus knockback and instead having people die normally, but that wouldn’t be as fulfilling as knocking people out of a tower.

Basic attacks could by default become AoE attacks, with 3 tiles of area adjacent area hitbox. Heavy attacks could have up to 6, as they take twice as long. This opens the door to slashing and poking galore.

Ranged weapons and spells are up in the air, but it should be easy enough to block projectiles. They should move at about the same speed as a person or maybe 150% or 200% the speed of a person. Melee spells could function with the same style as a normal attack, where terrain targeting spells like napalm could function as ranged or melee

At this rate this form of the game seems like a Super Smash RPG with some Town Building elements with all the crafting and unit production that goes on. It also seems fairly accessible by removing the constraint of managing an empire while commanding massive amounts of unit, and instead doing the city management at a different time than the fighting, and only controlling one guy at a time.

The field based previous Diablo style simplification could be incorporated into this one as a way to capture/recruit fighters to fill your ranks and towers, and allow you access to more characters. Food and plants can also be harvested from the field based game, which would make those parts useful in this tower game as opposed to just farming for them.

Regarding the “Hex base” before in the Diablo style simplification of wandering around fields, that might not make much since because there are only four keyboard directions, but it could also be a point and click style movement on an open field, or a 360 degree rotating guy.

Update 2

For jumping, one would likely designate a certain amount of movement that one spends to jump, i.e. 4 movement. In the classic game, one could jump, but a tall 1x2 guy could jump only one 1x1 square up, so that wouldn’t be useful here. By having a set amount that one jumps, then one could be given the option to double jump in the air, using the same amount of movement again if they have it.

Movement points in this case would be stamina, which limits the amount you can sprint, jump, attack, block, roll and regenerates over time based on one’s stats. Some of the stats might need to be tweaked, but most of the turn based regeneration can be converted into a per-second regeneration by the same scales.


Stamina for blocking could be valued at 2x health as a baseline, with a % bonus based on strength. If an attack is able to remove all of your stamina when you block, then you take whatever damage is leftover towards health and is given a knockback.

At 256 “floors” per tower, with a clean number of enemies like 256, this would mean that there is an enemy on every floor which would not give people much room to maneuver. So 512 floors for 256 enemies could work better, giving the player a bit of room to move around or find a random doodad for cover. Doodads could be like a clock or table that provides cover, or even a chair or other small things that could be used as weapons.

A way to play it more traditional and realistically, would be to have ladders going from one floor to the next, where a player 2x1 player can only jump half of it’s height. There could be more methods of movement between floors like trapdoors, chain zip-line like things, playing out like a strategic game of shoots and ladders. The knockback would be optional, but could be reduced in strength to make it more realistic, or with normal style death, just a learnable spell.

Some spells may not have a realistic feeling, because the amount of energy something can put into it, but if you are a strong hero with 128 resource weight attacking a small thing like an 8 resource unit, you can knock it back something like 8 or 16 body lengths as a baseline before rollings, but realistically this thing being so small would likely be a chicken or a small child, which a strong person could displace a similar distance. The original style of the game was a bit cartoony with all of the magic and things, but the numbers can be tweaked to give a more realistic or arcade style experience.

I still have no idea what the damage numbers look like in practice, as I am not a computer, but if they are too high with too many multipliers, then some bonuses can be halved, as color and element all only increase damage, halving these would reduce some effectiveness to 50%, and leave only 200% bonus as the high point. If they are too low, multipliers may get out of hand so something like 100/X multiplier where X is the amount of damage done might make sense. Just throwing shots in the dark right now honestly.

(trying to keep this all in one post for now, the comments part  of the previous posts became a bit excessive)

~~~Update 3

The number of normal enemies and quarter bosses could scale with the number of players, so if you had 4 person co-op, there would be 4x as many enemies. The mini-bosses and boss could be maybe 150/225/300% more health and maybe 150/175/200% more resources with 2/3/4 people, but having more than one in the chamber might be tough because of the amount of abilities and bonus strength the guy has.

A way to convert health into  knockback bonus from being damaged that wouldn’t make one’s natural health impertinent is to have health remain normal, but when it drops below 0, one accumulates negative health, and the absolute value of your negative health is the basis for the knockback bonus.

The negative health can’t be healed off by healing abilities, because otherwise having a strong healer is just an easy way to never die. Most spells are already very strong, like debuffing and crowd control so having supporting characters in a multiplayer game would hard to stop. In a 4 person game, the creeps could try to come in groups of 4 at a time, just because 4v1 with control spells and debuffs is never really fair or challenging unless the enemy is like a boss and 2-3 times more powerful than the fighters.

~~ Classic update
(Classic) - In order to address the issue of starting disparity, the terrain color roll of player color units against tiles in the pure player color area that the player starts in is always a 2, this is because all of the units of a player that would roll a 1 for terrain roll against it’s own color would have only 25% of the natural movement that a player color that has a terrain color roll of 4. This would be true until the player could expand into mixed color areas and that can take a while, especially if your starting movement was gimped. If you roll color roll against resource nodes etc, that is still also always a 2 in the pure player color area for the player of that player color.

100% roll the color of the tower tiles, roll the number, on a size, even roll the size again, flip roll to see if it lives, if it is needed it lives, 1/x tiles with a quality roll to get the winner of the live saving contest, if it doesn’t work because your gravity has low bonus, then you still keep the one for trying and make another one, by the same method as to making the jumps and climbs possible, the the number of random objects, roll the gravity % 1d10 because 100% is funny, roll the speed boost, even a half speed boost, roll the player to tower width ratio, roll native damage multiplier, roll anything, roll the angle of the tile

However realistic one wanted to make it, it wouldn’t matter, it would function with the realism of high gravity and a small person, with the ladder rolls being 1d10, at 10 these you could walk through rather than on, and could take you upward, a ladder if you will, and 0 was the floor, all others were a slope you can take it contra and, roll 1d10 for number of cases in a stairwell, or something, take it 3d man, roll it all again, to get that 3rd dimension, its a catamaran of stairs and halls. You could call it tunnels in the darkness, and just say the slope goes down, always negative slope so the tunnels just get deeper, roll plenty of objects.

Walking on walls was fine if the gravity was weak, you can still be knocked into them like the stairs, floors, and walls if there are any,

Stairs would be

, you can have powder winds and rain of anything, fire or life by, pray to your god if it might throw you an item, have a choice roll of your faith and 1/y roll to a god, and that god could give you food or drink or , summon gang members from your towns ghettowell because the water was all gangs and you knew the whole time, or a person, but so was the fire,  I’m pretty sure when you shoot fire at somebody, you are really shooting gang members on top of the fire, so you can summon your select gang members from your well of water as a spell to attack the guy. If you didn’t have any armed people in the water willing to attempt to attack within the water they wouldn’t be able to do anything. But still then you remembered the water was invaded by a terrible water wizard who slipped in on way of invisibility and has now come to steal a a quantity of water with his magical ability, taking it into the air, i tell you, no such magic exists to do so without tremendous effort, “i tell you”,he says “ these are starships, not water, my friend, and you know this. “ , he breaks the giant globe of water into 8 clear shapes as they blur into starships as the land behind him fades into the darkness of space and he flies away. You send a bird to chase the water that was veering away, still not completely transformed due to the length that they descend into the darkness. These starships could replace the gang aspect of the game if censorship was an issue. People could fly around inside of them, and control them with powerful enough water magic, but the piece of water would have a weight of all of it’s interior when it interacted with things, while still being the same amount of water. Even fly around with the 3d component. Starships function the same way with people inside of them, and this alternative reality could also be opted for if people desired. Starships even behave like water, pieces move around randomly between being adjacent to one another. Summoning a spaceship, well, that doesn’t make as much sense as water, but it could still be water, but it was a spaceship in another realm. If not a spaceship, say, a giant space station, and each player was a spaceship, because i guess they couldn’t be gang members either. If they came into this dimension by jumping off of the fire, they would be people, space pirates even, whatever. If you summon a magical car, still it will be a car, but it would be a car from the gang members dimension. The gang aspect is because of the natural urban/midwest style sprawl of the water, where gang warfare would be the most likely when compared to feudal war or something. ,  You can fly over there and use your water magic and make yourself a ship to chase him.

got spell block with the shield, got spell reflect with health and ability costing the same in damage, knockback the projectile, melee ability,

even roll it into 3d, get the ranged weapons, get the realm portal, summoning, open world PvP, simultaneous RTS in your village,  as much or as little of the classic game as desired, it doesn’t matter. As much as it may seem like DnD the dungeon master was always the dice. Single player, local multiplayer, free app, many elements can be managed on all sorts of devices, phone, PC, video game console, which could all interlink for an immersive experience. Ease of access, just lay out lots of plans and give orders over time, workers work themselves, like seeding but being able to play indifferently and not lose much, just laying out plans for broad stretches of time, build this here and all of these things in these places, make this many of that. Build your own towers, fill them with your guys, fight other peoples towers randomly trying to match the raiders as close as possible to strength to a tower they are fighting through the random find a tower orb or something one of your villagers uses, even just brawl style multiplayer from a summoning wizard.

Build your own summoning wizards and offer to summon people to your own arena, you can pray to god to make your wizard stronger, or just have a magic orb that does this. You found the orbs in the woods. You have to put them in a hat  with a rock in order to make them work, you happened to have a hat, the starting mayor has to have a hat, it happened to be sunny outside.

Amazing plot action. Wow.You can find plenty of orbs. You don’t even have to look for them, it can be cinematic, you just find these orbs in a bush and boom, the game starts. So many viewpoints because the interwoven genres have their own appeal and it allows a perspective to give depth to the game by having isolated events with few characters compared to the global fighting of normalcy. Throw in the tunnels, the towers, boom, one more color than pokemon, the character development of an RPG, town building like sim-city, military like RTS games, however much one wants to try to throw together. So much groundbreaking intricacy broad spectrum of gameplay. You can make your own skin packs and custom maps, single player, multiplayer, and online in many forms, so many games. Shazam.

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