Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Twist is Stairball

The Twist is Stairball

I may not have too much to say, but the twist, was that humanity was cursed by the indigenous of North America. The field of blood, was not more than a corpse retrieval pit. The goal was simple. Entertain, be the legend. As spectators sit in the center, these men would play the lifelong game of football in a way that were worthy of their blood loving god’s attention. The Entertainment was on the stairs, because what kind of athlete doesn’t like running stairs. You take the ball, a severed head or skull at first from the dearly departed. And this must be taken through one of the hoops on the side.

 The center pit would throw the ball in if it fell down.  If anyone slipped and fell in the game of stairs, dodgeball, basketball, football, even soccer, because a gentleman can headbutt a man respectably, easily a skull, those that fell from the stairs into the pit were likely dead, , and thus were decapitated, and their heads were used as balls, with an increasing number coming into play if people happened to die.

There are no refs, but respect and love of the game, along with dedication to their noble gods would see more glory in athleticism than killing, because it was easy to kill people. The honorable spectators would declare a quality amount of time to play, and sundown was always the truth on some dark moonless nights. No team had a substitution, immaculate defensive plays were appreciated but points made every man the hero, it was nobler to become something than to rob someone of the opportunity to become something. 

The number of players varied, but it was always a crowd willing to likely die for a chance to change their fate to die as an unknown peasant of peacetime, and rather be the hero. In a shrine to the gods, the stairs were run as tribute to the benevolence of God, for the one’s that shaped the earth could have made the natural terrain rolling staircases, of varying angles and degrees of design, 100% stairs and no safety nets. The stairs being so much more dangerous and merciless than the earth, the barren deserts of death compared to the lush more uniform terrain.

This could be an entertaining game. People always get to see the fields in games, but stairs are another thing, thus given no salute. Find awesome sets of stairs, and these are the fields for the modern game, only perhaps with a bit less decapitation. You can make your own goals, it’s even got arts and crafts for people. Great video game. Stairball or something. Athletics are important, and video games love nonsensical amounts of danger, it entertains people.

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