Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Unconventional Lasers

Unconventional Lasers

You take two laser beams, a hot and cold, and you  set them at the same place, at a very small angle so that they collide with each other for a long time, very proximate to each other.You take this laser and align it to the exterior conditions of weather, with the temperature mixture of the two beams to be exactly the same as the exterior condition. Even set the two beams in place with across from each other identical beam pair, crossing the lights for as long as possible, but ending up a safe distance away from the emitters, or even reflecting the lasers by mirror.

Perhaps catching them for a very long time in an X formation.>|< , even in that position. Thanks to robotics and a safe area. Computers, with proper precision, could adjust in such a dependable way to outmaneuver the reflection of the beam to catch it, ever so slightly between the two indefinitely repeating laser beams in the X. In the worst case, what was a tiny laser going to do in the grand scheme of things. There could even be  a prism that defends to send all light in one direction. Hexagonal pyramid, or just a pyramid. because it could be a pramid with wicked lenses. To be concentrated or scattered, the temperate beam of death.

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