Friday, September 30, 2016

Terrorism, the Scapegoat of Subversive Western Imperialism

I was watching the interview with the Russian Foreign Minister on the BBC and he made some valid points. Regardless of any other controversies irrelevant from the situation in Syria, it is true that it is impossible to fight the terrorist groups that occupy Aleppo without injuring and killing the civilians that willingly live amongst the terrorists. There have been many opportunities in the forms of ceasefires for these people to leave the areas controlled by Al-Nusra, yet they refuse to do so. When one lies down with dogs, one wakes up with fleas, and this is the truth. If we defend these people who are voluntarily sacrificing their lives to act as human shields for the terrorists as civilians, then there is no possible way to fight terrorism. Every terrorist would continue to surround itself with women and children and make any sort of action against their group a “war crime”, effectively giving the terrorist group complete impunity from any sort of intervention by any country willing to respect the United Nations.

Russia is simply defending Syria who is their ally. The United States does the exact same thing in Israel by supporting their oppression of the native Palestinians and nobody bats an eye. The United States is rather indifferent to Al-Nusra on account of the tensions with Russia and thus with Syria, but of course nobody gives a fuck when the United States kills innocent civilians with their drone strikes against ISIS. The only reason any form of the political establishment in the west gives a rats ass about the civilians in Aleppo is because they want to antagonize Russia at any point possible. If it were about “caring” or being “good” then the United States and their allies would be up in arms about the rampant terrorism that maims and kills civilians in Africa, but obviously nobody gives a fuck about Africa.

As far as U.S. foreign policy is concerned, Boko Haram, the “deadliest terrorist group” according to the Global Terrorism Index can do whatever the fuck they want because there is no ulterior motive driving the United States and it’s allies to be upset about the terrorism. If the United States had something to gain in doing so, then Boko Haram would be demonized in the media from sun up to sun down, but since there is nothing to gain, nobody cares. This sort of dismissal of terrorism around the world clearly shows that the United States is indifferent to actual terrorism, and their “anti-terror” campaign is only being driven by ulterior motives to grab more power or otherwise limit the power and success of their rivals.

This is on top of the fact that it is a common presumption around the world that the United States is the driving force behind Al-Nusra and ISIS. This is because of the fact that they previously have funded terror groups and founded and trained the original Al-Qaeda in order to subversively fight their rival, who at the time was the Soviet Union. The civil unrest in both Iraq and Syria are beneficial to the united States because these terrorist groups have a range of influence beyond their local dominion, and thus this violence and unrest spreads; in this case, spilling over into Syria, a country allied to Russia. This unrest is disruptive to the economy and wellbeing of Syria and this means Russia will likely be implicated in the defense of Syria. When fighting in an active war, this now opens the door for all sorts of scrutiny and criticism, and in this case, the western objections towards Russia’s defensive measures have led to severe economic sanctions against the country.

 Clearly the conflict in Syria has played into America’s favor by giving them the basis to attempt to cripple Russia’s economy. When the west acts as opportunistically as they did to sanction Russia, it clearly looks like this sort of fallout was the main objective of becoming involved in the first place, as the United States and United Nations have done very little to aid in the actual combat of the terrorist groups in Syria other than renege on a pledge to “separate Al-Nusra aligned extremists in Aleppo from the moderates who simply oppose the current Syrian regime”. When the U.S. would only gain these sorts of opportunities to sanction their rivals if there is unrest in the middle east, then these economic blows become a clear motive for subversively supporting the terrorist groups ISIS and Al-Nusra, which is what many people in the Middle East and around the world believe that the United States is doing, just as they had done before with Al-Qaeda.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Idle Banter and Petty Criticism

“O walls, you have held up so much tedious graffiti that I am amazed that you have not already collapsed in ruin.”- Graffiti in a Basilica in Pompeii

I thought this was a great quote, it reminds me of the internet: a place that welcomes every fetish, delusion, and fantasy while coddling every insecurity, fallacy, shortcoming, and failure yet somehow still manages to define major social aspects of society.

This is both sad and ironic because legitimate human society would never have done any of these things before the internet was invented, but the internet allows people to find others with the same ridiculous beliefs as themselves and slowly develop a culture around their spinelessness.

Friday, September 2, 2016

The Collapsing Veins of the Aging Populations Getting High on Consumerism

    In a world where one of the major dynamics of civilized societies is that of an Aging Population, where humans fail to produce offspring at a rate of replacement, this is clearly a concern for the well being of the many developed nations that suffer from this issue. When a population fails to replace itself, it will inevitably collapse, as is seen with many aspects of the social infrastructure such as the Social Security system in the United States of America, which no longer has enough young people paying into the system to support the retirees who have payed into it their entire life. This collapse in population is a contrary force compared to an economy’s desire to expand and grow, but this void of new workers and economy created by the natives of the country is hungry enough for people that it will import workers from out of the country, essentially introducing competition that will inevitably decimate the native population much like an invasive species, as these immigrants likely do not suffer from the same factors that drive population aging. These things along with the dearth of motivating forces in society to counter the population aging are all catalysts to the gutting of a countries culture and along with it, the moral and national principals that originally defined the country.

    Originally people would have many children because most of them would die in their youth, parent’s businesses would benefit greatly from the addition of new employees in the form of their own children, and without any infrastructure to care for the elderly, people would require the assistance of their children and their income when the people become elderly and cannot work. With many of these factors having been eliminated, the fear that would drive the civilized person to reproduce has been weakened, and if it is not replaced, the excessive comfort provided by life in a society where one can be successful without doing these things will continue to exacerbate the dearth of human replacement and the subsequent collapse of developed societies.

    The measures that have been taken in an attempt to address these things such as lowering taxes for parents and even providing money for parents have not been able to correct the issue of population aging, and thus more serious steps must be taken to fix this. As said before, the economic safety of failing to have children along with the appeal of being able to live with fewer commitments can easily convince someone to refrain from reproducing. People would rather be able to spend their time as they please, seeking hedonism and the adventures wrought by zeal rather than accepting the commitment and responsibility of parenthood. Because society is too willing to accommodate these people, eating from the hands of the economy willing to tempt the humans with hedonism at every corner, the flashing lights of advertisements and frilly trinkets, clothing, and gadgetry both able to addict the human to the euphoria of short sighted entertainment of one’s self, these baubles of modern society the jingling of keys to the childlike adult.

As much as the free market is always happy to accommodate these things, the free markets lacks foresight, and simply looks to make a quick buck whenever and wherever it can. For the sake of maintaining a healthy population people of largely native people within the first world and other aging populations, I would propose that the ability to live without having children be fined heavily, as the free market would suggest, people will gladly pay exorbitant amounts of money for the hedonistic vices, and living a carefree life free of the responsibility of rearing children is indeed one of these narcissistic vices, putting one’s own petty pleasure above the needs of your people and country. It is for reasons like these that the consumerist culture is dying like an addict being sold heroin by those willing and able to work and simultaneously perpetuate the workforce, essentially remaining healthy while the aging consumerist decays from the inside.

Of course, fining people who fail to produce 3 or more biological children is not a blanket policy. Many people who are unable to produce healthy children due to genetic fault or otherwise raise successful children due to mental or physical disability are not expected to have children or rear them. Others who may have the capacity to rear successful children but fail to produce them naturally, can be expected to rear orphans. This along with the people who can produce healthy children but cannot rear them on account of dangerous work such as soldiering or time consuming work such as travel will still be expected to produce children that will invariably be adopted or raised as orphans in respectable orphanages ran by the people who care the most about the well being and success of the population, those people being the government of course.

For this to happen, the levity and carelessness of the people and the youth must be challenged, the world is not a place that is kind to fun or enjoyment attained through material things, you look at these people throughout history and you see the opium crisis in China and the common drug addict on the streets or living in poverty. People seeking pleasure are more often than not the same people who become the exploited and the victims who are taken for a ride just to lose all of their well being and eventually be left to die. The same scenario is true in the consumerist nations of the first world, all of the useless flashy clothing and entertaining techno-baubles are simply the opium of the modern man. These have you playing into the hands of both the ironically money hungry capitalist powers but more so the populations of the second world that are work hungry and opportunity hungry. Both of these parties are willing to milk a cow until it dies, either your pockets and your savings or the opportunity of the work that your countrymen are too entitled to do or otherwise too underpopulated to accomplish. They do this simply to better their lives when the common people in the developed world chose short sighted consumerist hobbies and past times rather than being responsible and using the time to empower themselves with knowledge and a useful skill set that can be used to better their lives rather than squander their wages on cheap entertainment or the shallow fallacy of some other form of alleged fulfillment that can easily be purchased.

 These fines must be very heavy in order to reinforce the fact that the short sighted consumerist culture cannot sustain itself and will succumb to it’s own infertility and lack of production of goods, services, social and scientific advances, and people, all of which are major constituents to the formula that cause a world power to be a world power. Until science can produce children with a machine and further yet rear them well enough to be successful in the modern world, the options remain to either become responsible for the future of our countries or succumb to our vices and collectively allow the people of the developed world to die out as if they were another heroin addict on the streets. This mentality is necessary, because as of now, places like America are only sitting on idle reserves of money, which will of course be respected, but when these reserves dwindle, the country is no longer a world power, and if it does not return to it’s original ways of being the reason why capitalism exists, to channel and streamline the efforts and energy of large populations of people in order to increase the net success of all of those involved, rather than the victim of capitalism in the form of consumerism, then the country will decay into a fetid corpse of a state that once was great but is no longer.