Friday, September 30, 2016

Terrorism, the Scapegoat of Subversive Western Imperialism

I was watching the interview with the Russian Foreign Minister on the BBC and he made some valid points. Regardless of any other controversies irrelevant from the situation in Syria, it is true that it is impossible to fight the terrorist groups that occupy Aleppo without injuring and killing the civilians that willingly live amongst the terrorists. There have been many opportunities in the forms of ceasefires for these people to leave the areas controlled by Al-Nusra, yet they refuse to do so. When one lies down with dogs, one wakes up with fleas, and this is the truth. If we defend these people who are voluntarily sacrificing their lives to act as human shields for the terrorists as civilians, then there is no possible way to fight terrorism. Every terrorist would continue to surround itself with women and children and make any sort of action against their group a “war crime”, effectively giving the terrorist group complete impunity from any sort of intervention by any country willing to respect the United Nations.

Russia is simply defending Syria who is their ally. The United States does the exact same thing in Israel by supporting their oppression of the native Palestinians and nobody bats an eye. The United States is rather indifferent to Al-Nusra on account of the tensions with Russia and thus with Syria, but of course nobody gives a fuck when the United States kills innocent civilians with their drone strikes against ISIS. The only reason any form of the political establishment in the west gives a rats ass about the civilians in Aleppo is because they want to antagonize Russia at any point possible. If it were about “caring” or being “good” then the United States and their allies would be up in arms about the rampant terrorism that maims and kills civilians in Africa, but obviously nobody gives a fuck about Africa.

As far as U.S. foreign policy is concerned, Boko Haram, the “deadliest terrorist group” according to the Global Terrorism Index can do whatever the fuck they want because there is no ulterior motive driving the United States and it’s allies to be upset about the terrorism. If the United States had something to gain in doing so, then Boko Haram would be demonized in the media from sun up to sun down, but since there is nothing to gain, nobody cares. This sort of dismissal of terrorism around the world clearly shows that the United States is indifferent to actual terrorism, and their “anti-terror” campaign is only being driven by ulterior motives to grab more power or otherwise limit the power and success of their rivals.

This is on top of the fact that it is a common presumption around the world that the United States is the driving force behind Al-Nusra and ISIS. This is because of the fact that they previously have funded terror groups and founded and trained the original Al-Qaeda in order to subversively fight their rival, who at the time was the Soviet Union. The civil unrest in both Iraq and Syria are beneficial to the united States because these terrorist groups have a range of influence beyond their local dominion, and thus this violence and unrest spreads; in this case, spilling over into Syria, a country allied to Russia. This unrest is disruptive to the economy and wellbeing of Syria and this means Russia will likely be implicated in the defense of Syria. When fighting in an active war, this now opens the door for all sorts of scrutiny and criticism, and in this case, the western objections towards Russia’s defensive measures have led to severe economic sanctions against the country.

 Clearly the conflict in Syria has played into America’s favor by giving them the basis to attempt to cripple Russia’s economy. When the west acts as opportunistically as they did to sanction Russia, it clearly looks like this sort of fallout was the main objective of becoming involved in the first place, as the United States and United Nations have done very little to aid in the actual combat of the terrorist groups in Syria other than renege on a pledge to “separate Al-Nusra aligned extremists in Aleppo from the moderates who simply oppose the current Syrian regime”. When the U.S. would only gain these sorts of opportunities to sanction their rivals if there is unrest in the middle east, then these economic blows become a clear motive for subversively supporting the terrorist groups ISIS and Al-Nusra, which is what many people in the Middle East and around the world believe that the United States is doing, just as they had done before with Al-Qaeda.

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