Monday, October 10, 2016

A Collection of Music; Probably Crazy Music

Most of the music I made during my illustrious career. It’s not that I was a musician, I was largely just unemployed. I might have missed some, my Facebook musician page was taken down for some reason and they want photo ID now, so fuck that. I am proud of my music in a way that somebody would be proud of their own child, not because it is remarkable in any way, it just happens to be there, and your irrational favoritism you display towards your own child is largely the sole reason. From a critical aspect, there may be a few good songs in there, but a shitload of nonsense.

(Listing is approximately reverse chronological order; in theory i get less crazy and better at music, but honestly the crazy peaked around the middle and came down after that; the electric music is usually less nonsense and more so music-y; if it's acoustic it's nearly a 98% chance it's improv, i don't really know how to play guitar in terms of chords or theory, i just play by ear)

Honestly the strategy of make random music while intoxicated did not produce too many memorable results, but I am not all too good with memory, I’ve easily forgotten some albums from here. The most recent is SteelDnB on soundcloud, I don’t really make music much anymore, but I just figured I should replace my old Facebook musician website.)

Soundcloud (Electric / Steel Drum; 1 Rap) (Rap) (electric) (Morgan Freeman impression)  

Bandcamp  (Has the only piano album; Inopia Meretricum)

Very Old

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