Sunday, October 9, 2016

Unrapped Raps

Unrapped Raps

( I was going to rap these, but sadly I don’t have as much free time as I used to.)


Space age pimp, connessieur of dipping thots
skinny dipping, jordan-pippen, gram flippin thots
blunt hitting, henny sipping, dick lickin thots
i see you player, i got a pene for your thots

philosophy major, combing my thots
so high, chillin with astrothots
in space, eating pussy with thot sauce
burning incandescent like 100 thots

she getting low to baby got back
g-string, half moon of ass crack
I hijack that ass like a caddilac
think I’m bout to have a thot attack

holding position like a quarterback
her ass round like a cul-de-sac
know i got to stay classy like cognac
crab walk under the hot pants booty sac

They Call me taciturn jesus
won’t hear me talk
but you hear the breezes
mack game the meanest
please pussy with my penis
silent fucking like it’s christmas
but then she start screaming
oh my god,  jesus

Strong and silent type
fuck you all night
when it hit it right
can’t help but keep your lips tight
give you afternoon delight
and make you howl in the moonlight
take your falsetto to new heights
moving hardwood like a luddite

They call me taciturn jesus
the only prophet who preaches
in the language of cunnilingus
love making leaves you speechless
gasping as my member breaches
the portal in your nether regions


Work my squat with two plates
talking cocaine not weights
my set feeds me the updates
to keep the police in checkmate
my cash crop i got to irrigate
i get wet, i got to hydrate
i got fiends to saturate
so i open up the floodgate

hit switches in the geo metro
cut up the ice like apollo ohno
so paranoid i don’t wear clothes
can’t trust myself can’t trust hoes
so much money and so much blow
two cigar cutters, one just for toes

Got shurm like an embalmer
i eat people like I’m Dahlmer
hoes love the freebase i conjure
so high, chill in a flying saucer
got to live long and prosper
wrest the law to fill the coffer


Know how to spit, I’m from the dirty south
chew orbit, i got a dirty mouth
like tyson, i live in a nice house
i look good in a nice blouse


I break bricks like a judo master
I eyeball eighths, who needs math blaster
i drop hot shit like my name is castor
cocaine got my nose looking white as plaster


Seeing blue skies from my private jet flying into LaGuardia Airport
Every homie below envy my life of smoking cigars and drinking port
but then out of the blue my plane nose dives into the Polo Grounds
it’s got an eight-thoustand kilogram thermite payload for the hounds

nobody expected the venture capital remote control drone technology
unexpected twists in the plot of the spread of the criminal morphology
hellfire from the sky resonant to the divine damnation of cursed sodom
criminality replacing spirituality while the welcomed hostility remains solemn

(these were the other plot lines i didn’t finish)

Shaped charge truck bomb Citigroup towers

Dirty bomb in the U-haul in the middle level of a parking garage

Militarized decommissioned MIG bought at auction fighting like I’m top gun

fuck the drive by this is a fly by 50 cal cannons shooting up the skyline

go and tell me how you gonna escape from new york
when you can’t pay your bills and can’t get to work

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