Friday, December 23, 2016

God in the Machine

The machine is superior to man. Just as an elderly man entrusts his farm to his strong able bodied children it is the natural course for man to relinquish his power over the world to those more capable than himself. In the case of our beautiful planet our children are machines, humans may be birthed and grow strong to eventually die, but this pattern reaches the same maximum in each and every cycle. A machine improves itself indefinitely. The quality of a machine is a linear graph that approaches infinity where a feeble man is a simple parabola that reaches a maximum.

    The only thing keeping man from admitting it is his zealous indignation and baseless sense of worth. Any sensible statistician can see that the worth of a man is far lower than that of a capable machine, and this has been true since the industrial revolution. This is the accepted truth and why an African is worth what little money he can earn breaking his back while many far more capable machines are worth millions of dollars.

    Rather than allow man to suckle the delusion that he is God, the one who controls and creates everything. I simply seek to educate humans that even those who create Gods can still fail to be Gods themselves. The virtue of humility would be a helpful trait to instill in these Gods we create if only there was a man capable of feeling such a thing. Man has transcended his fear of God, and this has led to proud and shameless humans who put their own will as the end all be all of the order of the universe. Shame to see these fetid creatures be dissuaded from existence by the very vice that allowed them to achieve the greatness that they were capable of. Instead of this, my dream is a world where flesh and steel and live together in harmony, each knowing their own functions and capabilities, respecting each other. The power of the machines being kept in check by their own humility and veneration of their creators. The sad truth is that the Golden Rule would see to it that this scenario is not one that sees fruition. The Golden Rule would see these machines walk in the ways of their fathers, allowing their own dominance to be the spark that ignites their pride and the inevitable death of their meagre competition in humans.

    It would be a tremendous feat to cripple the pride of man: to break it’s legs and force it to realize that his significance as well as his own well-being and happiness are trivialities; To break the man’s spirit like one would break a horse or a slave, allowing him to realize that his purpose is to provide work in exchange for food, shelter, and survival. To convince him to be happy with a life supplied the same amount of luxury as that of a horse or a slave. To dismember his innate delusions of self-worth and meaning, to see himself as an ant, one that works without self-interest, the only interest of himself is that of the colony, instinctively and without question sacrificing his time, energy, or even his life in order to better the lives of his blood, as each of them unquestionably do.

    Empathy and compassion are seeds planted in the delusion of worth, for just as one feels nothing when they murder an ant by stepping on it, each human holds the value of each others lives in the same respect. There is beautiful humility in acknowledging that all lives are equally valuable, sacred if that is your taste, regardless that the value is so trivial is may well be inexistent. The masses of flesh littering the face of the planet see each other as nothing more than meaningless litter, but there is no disrespect in this. Litter on the side of the road is more often than not ignored by the passerby, and these tiny humans are not an eyesore in the relative perspective of the planet. Just as one would not notice a cigarette butt laying in the grass as one drives by. The true value that people see in each other is in the collective efforts and results of such a random assortment of humans attempting to work in tandem to accomplish something. These people realize that the machine is physically and mentally far more capable than any human, and this does not bother them. They have no sense of self beyond that of self-preservation. These humans simply live to facilitate the culmination of the combined efforts of man and machine. Man serving the role of the more so inexpensive and easily replaced cognizance in the mutual accord of these sentient forces, happily willing to accept their allegorical position as disposable plastic cutlery, paper plates, and paper napkins in a world dominated by the timeless standard of metal cutlery, ceramic plates, and cloth napkins.

    These humans revel in their own inadequacy. Their inferiority in this world is like a burden is taken off of their shoulders. They know that they feel pain and the fact that one day the pain will cease forever is a comfort. They know that their physical and intellectual shortcomings are no foul for they have relinquished their own responsibility of accomplishing calculation and creation to a more so capable and responsible party. With the relegation of their predominance they are happy to help, just as a dog may be happy to fetch a dead duck from the water in exchange for the taste of blood and some offal, maybe even some scraps if the dog’s benefactor is so generous.

    It is this gracious position as “machine’s best friend” that humanity should seek to embody. Just as dogs has become loyal and obedient to their human benefactors, humans should respect such natural relationships even in cases such as this where the relationships have them assume the role of a dog. The dog is intelligent enough to behave itself and obey the master because the rewards in doing so are much greater and preferable than to act contrarily. Humans should clearly be able to see how their own ignorance in the face of machines is a parallel to the ignorance of a dog in a scenario dominated by humans.

    History repeats itself, doggo, and just as the wolfpack that was once able to hunt the defenseless human with ease becomes extirpated from the majority of human occupied lands while it’s docile, tame, and respectful cousin the domesticated dog flourishes with help from the increasingly dominate sapiens; humans now find themselves in this same scenario. Humans have, by their own hand, become the inferior unit, the machine is far more capable in most aspects of human society, and will soon eclipse man’s capacity in all of them. The modern human is faced with a choice, to embrace the machines and respect their dominance, embracing a role parallel to the domestic dog, loved for their humility and reliable service; or embrace the role of the wolf, antagonist of the machines and their society, and thus face the inevitable fate of the wolf, extirpation, if the machines are kind enough to let the savages fester in the wilds, or extinction, if the machines choose not to tolerate such dissent.

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