Friday, January 20, 2017

A Proposal for Non-Partisan Standardized Testing and Morality Testing for Appointed Officials

Everyone always says that “Trump is an idiot and his cabinet is both corrupt and inept.”  Well if things really do fall to shit, maybe people will think about putting in some sort of proficiency testing for people attempting to hold public office. I’m sure plenty of these people wouldn’t pass the Standardized Tests and Personality Tests that the every man has to master in order to even qualify for an interview for a job at a Gas Station or a Retail Store. 

It’s ironic that the US government is more lenient in their quality control regarding allowing people to hold public office than Kangaroo Gas stations, I have failed a 100 or so question “Morality Test” and the store said that I had to wait a year before re-applying. Sadly, if this were the case, plenty of people holding office as of now and coming into power shortly would not be “qualified” to hold office on account of failing one or more of the pre-requisite tests. 

If I’m not qualified to work at a Gas Station on account of my “lack of character”, I’m sure plenty of these people would be in for bad news, especially if the questions related to their proposed duties, rather than how to deal with rude and angry customers and co-workers that are misbehaving.

Honestly, the fact that there is a complete dearth of standardized non-partisan quality control for appointed positions in the Federal Government is a bit shameless. I understand that these people are not anything but puppets for their party, but the fact that Kangaroo Gas Stations hold people applying to work for them to a higher level of job knowledgeability and moral character than the Federal Government does for proposed cabinet members has caused me to lose faith in the Feds, but at the same time, gain faith in Kangaroo Gas Stations. This bittersweet feeling may become all too common amongst those who interact with both Gas Stations and the Federal Government in some way.

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