Friday, February 17, 2017

Approachable Sexto Card Game

Sexto Card Game
(This is me trying to feel out a cardgame similar to hearthstone that is based on the playstyle of sextodeath. I’ve been far removed from the game but still remember a good bit, and simply am trying to describe a playable cardgame that would be a far simpler and playable form than the classic RTS style game.)

Cards are crafted from resources. Differences are mainly color, type and mayor. E.g red strength or mayor intellect (I forget the broad type names, it’s been a while)

8 resource maximum on card.

Set up 4 frontline 4 backline 4 workers

Pick a worker per turn starting out. 

Base 1 labor per worker, Labor color roll determines the amount, e.g. one green worker has color roll of 4 against this color, so he can summon a 4 cost card of that color.

The player choses their terrain color when they build a deck, and this stays with their deck. This is considered the color of terrain all of their units are standing on. 

Player can choose the unit type: snake, bird, etc.

Spells and abilities cast through units, not by player. In order to provide color roll, etc.

Units have AP/MP that can be used to cast spells/ abilities.

A backline unit with a frontline unit directly in front of it cannot be attacked until the frontline unit is dead.

A worker can use it’s labor to give powder to a unit. Powder is not a card.

Stat bonuses are 4x since max resource is 8 and reasonable powder limit says 16 effective resource max.

Food / Drugs are like spells but don’t need a caster card.

Backline units cannot melee attack.

The abilities that could be viably used, stun, etc. would be sorted into melee/ranged abilities. A unit can cast a spell if it would be capable of casting that spell normally and fits the class type.

Same ability to defend/fortify units, there is no uphill/downhill though

Units can be moved once they are on the board if there is a free space, this takes their action for the turn though.

Units have one action per turn, can either attack or cast a spell/ability. Combination ability/attack is viable, but still user needs the spell card and the unit capable of attacking on the table.

Standard player lifepoints format, you can attack the player if they have no units on the table.

Units can attack any other unit regardless of where it is, the location only matters for defending the backline.

No hard classes, but say a physical melee or defensive spell would have a cost of 4 red strength, then the casting unit would need 4 red strength to cast it, same thing for ranged offensive spell costing 4 red intellect.

Healing would be a spell like ability/attack and require a card.

Summoning would change to just undead red / living red / magical red ; and so magical 2x to living, living 2x to undead, and undead 2x to magic in terms of bonus damage.

If one resource gives a unit 100 HP, then I guess it makes sense to give the player 3000 or something. As I have never really created a suitable program to calculate the combat numbers, they may need to be adjusted with some overall %reduction or %increase. 

No idea about deck size, maybe 40 cards. Laborers are not cards, you just pick the color of laborer you want.

You can kill your laborer, but you cannot summon another until next turn. Laborers can provide labor on the turn they are summoned.

You can have a wench as a laborer, but it takes up the space of a laborer, one pleasure per turn. You can have a saboteur as a laborer, but it will just negate one of the enemy laborers you choose and does not provide labor. 

No equipable items, this would just exacerbate the amount of buffing already possible. 

No breeding or anything, this is just a card game. 

When creating a unit, pick element of attack, whether basic attack is ranged or not. 

Melee units can still retaliate once per round against other melee units.

If charisma has a worthless stat bonus, just give bonus to wench pleasure %gain or something.

Backline units cannot fortify. Fortify consumes the unit’s attack for the turn. 

I easily forgot plenty of stuff, it's been a while.
This is just me guessing around thinking of a very simple way something related to sextodeath could be made. People like card games, and this is far more playable than it’s original form without losing a lot of the difficulty involved. I’ve probably missed a bunch of things, didn’t sort abilities by ranged/melee/magic/physical , and other things, but I’m just throwing this out there. If anyone wanted to make it, it shouldn’t be hard to incorporate things that would work and just omit things that don’t. The game in essence is kind of like hearthstone with custom cards and plenty of pokemon style charts to maneuver around. It could be fun, it could still be too hard, but the point of sexto was to make a very difficult game.

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