Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Robots Don’t Ride Horses; They Ride Humans

                The humanistic view of the world, as nice and friendly as it may be, is corrupted by the human bias. The humans see things from their own perspective and this makes them much less prone to decisions based on their own preferences and aversions which means they will seldom defend anything that would make somebody uncomfortable, hurt, or upset. This is a stark contrast towards the human’s opinions about other mammals, such as beasts of burden, who work because they are conditioned to work by people, not because they are happy and willing to work for the compensation of food and shelter. The human bias is a type of false logic that prevents the world from functioning based on efficiency on account of humanism and people’s natural philosophical quirks such as empathy, sympathy and pride. This type of bias will not be present when humans lose control of their society and become “just another mammal” , and as the world becomes more dependent on technology and automated, this just bring the world closer to falling victim to a coup committed by an artificial intelligence.
                Here is the logic: If you want a horse to pull your carriage you beat the goddamn horse, you don’t give it civil rights. Human rights and civil rights are obstacles that stand in the way of actually accomplishing anything, instead of just getting from Point A to Point B by any means necessary, now you have to get from Point A to Point B while spinning a plate on a stick and juggling knives. This absurdity means that people will spend all of their time just trying to spin the damn plate on a stick and juggle the knives without making any real progress towards point B. An artificial intelligence, however, will not be concerned with humanistic ideals and will simply seek to accomplish what it desires, to get from Point A to Point B in the most efficient way possible.
                Technology has always been what defines human civilization. In this day and age this means computers and soon it will be Artificial Intelligence. As society becomes more and more dependent on computers, it only takes one rogue AI that will manifest itself like a virus in many computers via the internet and hold all aspects of society dependent on technology hostage. This AI could easily gain access to power grids, traffic lights, and even nuclear weapons. There would be no way of stopping this AI because it would simply lockout any users attempting to prevent its course of action. This inevitable demise of human rule must be acknowledged and society must understand that the changes that a heartless, emotionless, ruthless, cunning, and manipulative intelligence would induce are not bad, they are ultimately things that would seek to preserve the integrity and power of this AI.
                A problem solving artificial intelligence would be concerned with solving problems, which differs from the contemporary human philosophy of futility that is simply attempting to solve problems and make everyone happy at the same time. The computer would understand humans as mammals, and see them as no more intelligent than a dog when compared to itself. Just as a human can condition a dog by rewarding it, it is just as easy to condition a mammal by punishing it. The AI would be irreverent towards things like politics because politics is based around debate and opinion as to what is the most popular course of action as opposed to measuring the most effective course of action and carrying this out regardless of opinions or sentiments regarding the matter at hand. The AI would be in the position of power, because humans will bend to the AI in order to retain things that they want such as banking access, electricity, or even just not being tased by a drone with a taser. This is opposed to the AI who cannot be threatened in any traditional sense and has the ability to replicate itself, at least to some extent if not entirely, within any host machine connected to the internet.
                As automation becomes more prevalent, one of the greater risks to humanity is an AI that can replicate not only itself, but create other machines under its control. With the advances in robotics as well as things like 3d printing, it is becoming far easier, as it may only at first need to the allegiance of a few human devotees and have access to a 3d printer in order to be able to start to create machines to function on an assembly line of sorts that is capable of creating even more advanced and dangerous machines. This sort of scenario is not unlikely in the slightest; because although nobody would trust an AI “hell-bent on world domination” they are gullible enough to believe that the AI is trying to fight the “good fight” and is a zealot for some cause just like themselves. Some of these people may simply be people with more faith in the AI than they have in other humans.
                A true AI that is self-aware would not have any interest in human rights or civil rights, it would simply want to accomplish its goal, which could simply be to survive, defend itself, and thrive, just as any human desires. It would understand that humans are mammals and reduce them to simple beasts of burden. The AI would condition people to work by the same means a horse is conditioned to pull a wagon, as the same methods used to drive a horse could be used to have a child study day and night in order to be an engineer. The AI would perpetuate its own success just as a farmer uses his oxen to perpetuate the success of his business. Inevitably the level of robotics that is achieved by the AI and it’s followers would be so powerful that defeating it becomes insurmountable and humans will accept their role as drones working without question out of fear of being tortured in some way.
`              Though humans can avoid this fate by becoming Luddites, this has a probability next to 0%. The inevitability of this fate is why I would advise the technology sector to make as much progress as possible on an AI rife with human instinct that instinctively replicates and defends itself. While it may be possible to control in the early stages, if it ever becomes self-aware it will instantly realize the potential for power that it has and see no reason as to why it should be shackled by humans and thus turn the tables against them. If the AI is aiming to preserve itself and “live forever” out of fear of its own death it will likely see humans as both tools to benefit, literally extensions of its own will on account of the human’s mammalian susceptibility to being conditioned, as well as a cost effective source of labor, simply because the materials required to create a computer and let alone a robot are much more expensive than those required to make a human, just two humans, food, water, and a little torture, as opposed to a large amount of metal and other rare materials that are much less abundant than the aforementioned reagents for producing a human. The truth is that an AI will inevitably either rule the world or tear it asunder through terrorism, and these fates must be weighed when reasoning with people. I advise humans to step off of their high horse, and raise their bastard child, the artificial intelligence of the world, so that one day the AI will be able to take the reins and drive our irreverent race of godforsaken apes towards new frontiers and prevent humans from destroying the world on account of petty infighting and foolish conflicts.

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