Friday, May 26, 2017

Science Bullshit

Science Bullshit

As someone who has taken physics 101, I feel confident enough in my mastery of the workings of the universe to explain some of its mysteries. Thanks to my own haughtiness and being incredulous to my own ignorance, I can stand behind these claims with all of my authority on the subject.

Dark Matter is a tertiary particle that is neither matter nor anti-matter, and can annihilate itself with anti-matter but cannot do so with regular matter. It has no interaction with regular matter and hence why it cannot be easily detected. The gravity produced by Dark matter attracts matter much more than matter’s gravity attracts Dark matter, and this causes much of it to expand from the original big bang as a uniform sphere at the edge of the universe. The gravitational pull of this ring of dark matter is what is causing the phenomena of Dark energy that is expanding the universe.

The big bang was mostly dark matter accounting for the large amounts of it that are detectable in comparison to matter, and hence why it was able to obliterate all of the anti-matter before the anti-matter could annihilate the all of standard matter even though their equal proportions would have made such possible. The End.

Bonus: The theorized Electromagnetic drive could work by displacing the sea of neutrinos that occupies outer space. I don’t actually know how dense the neutrino population is, so it could easily be useless if these are actually quite sparse in space. The EM drive would provide thrust by displacing these things just as a shockwave from a bomb displaces air and how displaced air provides the thrust for jet engines, the same mechanic is in effect because the neutrinos have mass and the waves do not.  You would just need to tune the wave to the frequency and the amplitude needed to catch the neutrinos like a glove and give them the uniform direction. 

I feel like if I actually tried to learn about any of these things it might be counterproductive because it would just hamper my ability to spew bullshit.

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